Claim A Bonus by visiting: Win A Day Casino

Aside from normal promotion bonuses and bonus money matching which we will talk about shortly, the most unique feature, and the concept behind the name of the Win A Day Casino is the daily drawing.   All players who have deposited money and played in the past seven days have a chance to win the daily bonus, and the amount paid to the winner is based on the amount of deposits made by all players on the day the drawing is made.  The money is deposited into the winner´s account the day after they win.  As with all bonus money, there are some restrictions, and in the case of the Win A Day daily drawing, the amount won must be played through a rather modest 10x´s before it can be withdrawn.

Win A Day also has a normal cash bonus for deposits made.  In the case of Win A Day Casino, the amount is $50 for every $500 deposited.   While this may seem low at only 10% compared to some casinos, the total amount you deposit is tracked, and so you do not have to deposit $500 all at one time to receive the bonus, instead when your total lifetime deposits reach a $500 milestone, a $50 bonus code is sent to you.  It is also important to note that like the daily drawing described above, the $50 bonus money only needs to be played 10x´s before it can be withdrawn, which is significantly lower than many casinos.  The less play-throughs you have to do, the more likely you are to keep the bonus money.

For new players to Win A Day Casino, there is another significant bonus that can be applied to your account.  The way it works is that your first five deposits will earn bonus money.  The first deposit you make will earn 100% bonus, the 2nd through 4th deposits will earn 25% bonus money, and your 5th deposit will earn 85% bonus money at Win A Day Casino.   The total bonus you can earn from your first five deposits is capped at $500.  It is also very important to know that the bonus codes must be entered BEFORE make the deposit.  The bonus codes are appropriately WELCOME1, WELCOME2, WELCOME3, WELCOME4 and WELCOME5.   As with the other bonuses from Win A Day Casino, bonus money earned from the new player codes must be played-through 10x´s before being withdrawn.

Win A Day Casino also has a lot other bonuses that change monthly, or are only available for certain events.  For instance, in May 2016, there are two promotion bonus events going on.  The first is a promotion that is only available on Thursdays and is specific to certain games, in this case slots and Keno.  This promotion bonus is paid for players who deposit money on a Thursday in May, and add the bonus code before making the deposit.  They are also running a Mother´s Day promotion for both a free chip and matching deposit bonus from May 7th to May 12th.  The exact details of the monthly promotions will probably change, so it is important to check out their promotions page before making a deposit.