Why should you play at an online casino?

Yeah! Why not head off to the local casino and experience the real thing?

Well, that’s only IF you have one near to you. Do you have a good suit or dress that you can wear? What about extra money for drinks and food? No? That’s right. If you don’t have a casino near you then a trip to one in the real world can usually feel like a special occasion and is generally kept like such. But thankfully the wonders of the 21st century has brought us casinos to our very own homes. Where we could sit in our PJs and have last night’s chocolate dribbled down our chin as we play a morning game of roulette.

See the picture I’m painting here? I’ve never lived anywhere near a casino in my life. Going to one was (and is) kept as a special event. But now I can play all my favourite slot games from the comfort of my own home. I don’t need to walk the entire floor to change the slot I’m playing; I can switch between my favourite slots without moving an inch. Great, isn’t it?

Also, when you run out of money in a real casino then you’re a bit done for. But at the online casinos I go to I have more than one way to deposit, and they take several different monetary units. For example, in some of them I can use my bitcoin to play. So, there’s no running dry whilst I’m having fun and in the flow when I’m at my favourite online casino.

If you’re a little bit of an introvert where large crowds drain your energy and you feel that days out where there are large gatherings take a little too much out of you then using online casinos are definitely the thing for you. I’m never pestered by the drunk guy two seats down from me, because I’m in my house all on my lonesome.

I also enjoy a bit of poker with my friends but taking it to the casino I’ve never been great at bluffing my way through a hand. If anyone has played poker with other players before then you’ll know you have to keep a straight face at all times, and that can be hard especially if you can’t tell a lie to save your life. However, players don’t see your face online, and it can be harder to tell whether you are telling the truth or bluffing a whole load of rubbish.

There’s nothing safer than having a cheeky gamble from the comfort of your own home. But please, don’t let me paint an isolatory picture here. You can absolutely have your friends over and gamble together with them. You can hook that bad boy PC up to your main screen TV and be experiencing the whole thing in HD 1080p with all of your friends. That’s how I got started. My friend would come over to use my internet connection to have a gamble and we started doing it together religiously every week after a while. We’d have never done that if it were a normal casino.

All in all, have fun, and be safe.