Why online casinos are safer than you may think

There’s been a lot on the news in the last ten years about how safety online is of the utmost importance. How that one-click can send you inadvertently into financial ruin, that losing your money on the internet is as easy as one-two-three. That may have been true perhaps ten years ago when the internet was still finding its feet, and we were living in essentially the financial wild west, but ten years later the landscape is quite a bit different.

Take Bitcoin for example. There is a lot of negativity surrounding Bitcoin, but if you delve deeper into the understandings of it, the maker(s) of Bitcoin solved the double spend problem. For those of you that don’t know, the double spend problem is essentially how well you can pass off a forgery $20 note to an unawares teller. With Bitcoin this cannot happen. I’ll not get into the makings of it, but hacking Bitcoin is so difficult that people that like to part you from your money in less than above board ways have taken to engineering the wallet holder, rather than the wallet. If you are self-aware then you are fine.

Most online casinos in the mainstream world accept Bitcoin, and for a lot of them it’s their preferred mode of payment. Because there’s no risk of fraud and double spend, they can pretty much authorise transactions back to your wallet instantly. None of this waiting for a few days before you can receive it back into your account. Depositing with Bitcoin is safe, and it’s quick and easy. No more endlessly waiting for banks to clear the transactions or such like.

But if that doesn’t have you convinced then take a look at the way the banks deal with their money in today’s world. A lot of the places where I deposit my money for the first time I will get a message from my banking provider on my mobile phone asking if it was me that made that payment and was it ok to progress with it. Sometimes they will outright refuse the transaction – and whilst that isn’t the most satisfying experience it keeps us safe from fraudsters and social engineers.

So, the banking and withdrawals on online casinos are locked down tighter than a nun’s chastity belt, what is left that can be insecure? Well, there is the website itself. There can be doubts as to whether the website that you’re visiting is a website that’s designed to take your money. But it can often be difficult to impersonate big well known establishments.

There are ways and means to check this, though, and it only takes a couple of minutes. You can check out how long their domain has been active. The more aged a domain then the less likely it is to be a scam. Scams tend to disappear as fast as they appear. You can also check social media and see what other players have been saying. This can tell you a lot about the dealings of the casino.

All in all, be safe.