Vegas Palms Online Casino Endorses Alternative Banking Methods

It is obvious that many players do not pay much attention to the newsletters that online casinos provide them with. More often than not, these newsletters presented on various casino websites are left unnoticeable if not unseen. While this may be a menial task for most, scanning and reading through newsletters do not take that much time. Additionally, players even know more updates, trends, and possible benefits by reading these useful materials. In the latest newsletter of Vegas Palms Online Casino, representatives and credible sources of the casino has shared the obvious advantages of using alternative payment methods over conventional ones. Thus, they have stated boldly that they recommend or endorse these methods to their players at a time like this.



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  • Neteller


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According to the newsletter, the owners of the casino promote the alternative payment methods for three major reasons that are proven to be advantageous to both themselves and their customers. The said advantages are proven to be applicable to these methods only and not merely to conventional ones such as the use of credit cards and whatnot. The first advantage refers to the safety of every important transaction. Customers only submit their information details to the service providers of payment methods only once for their entire transaction history. Through this, any chance or possibility of an identity theft is significantly diminished. Another advantage is the transaction time involved. Alternative payment methods do not each that much transaction time compared to the traditional ones. This is applicable to bot deposit and withdrawal transactions. Finally, the third advantage lies on the fact that transaction costs are significantly lower in these methods compared to credit card use and the like.

In light of this issue, Vegas Palms Casino provided a list of tips for the selection process of the correct alternative payment method for the general customer. As stated on the letter, most alternative payment methods are only region-specific but are proven to show a wide range of benefits such as faster transaction time and cheaper rates compared to other regions. Hence, it is advisable that players choose the methods that are most likely available within their region or country. Moreover, because they are region-specific, they are said to provide more credible services to players or customers residing in their area. In this regard, the casino suggested that players should at least do their research ad checkout with their online casinos as to which payment mode service provider can live up to their expectations. Many casinos recommend service providers that can offer bulk volumes of transactions simultaneously since this means that they can serve more customers in a short span of time.

In accord to the issue, Vegas Palms Online Casino has also shed light on which alternative payment methods are available on their website. The newsletter only covered those that have shown stellar performance records in the past. Some of these methods are: Skrill (which was formerly called Moneybookers), Paysafecard, and Neteller. For interested players, the casino recommends that they visit the casino’s Facebook page and leave a message whether or not they want to obtain more information and transaction details about these three. Online Casino consultants are more than eager to answer any request or concern for that matter.

Aside from all of these, the casino also included in the newsletter an announcement of its new addition to its gaming suite: a new video slot game called Sweet Harvest. Although no specific date has been given yet, a demo of the game is already available for players to try out. Vegas Palms Online Casino is a Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta-licensed casino and it is powered by Microgaming. It is also a brand member of the Fortune Lounge Group of Online Casinos.


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