Vegas Crest BTC Casino Review – Sweet Animation

Vegas Crest Casino Review – Sweet animation.

The moment I joined Vegas Crest Casino I was hit with a lovely promotional offer. This attracted me to the promotions section to which I was pleasantly surprised at how much they had. I wanted to try a few of them because this was my first time at this Casino, and well, who wants to skip on a free ride, right? I’d recommend trying them. There was a fair few here.

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Vegas Crest is not only legit, but you can tell by reading the footer that they have awards and accreditation’s for their trustworthiness. I was able to deposit some Bitcoin, and also withdraw what I had. The process of withdrawing took under an hour also which was pretty good.

What can you expect from playing at Vegas Crest Casino?

The main feature with Vegas Crest was the ability to search by gambling provider. Whilst this is probably nothing to some casino users, for me it saved a lot of time. If you have a favorite entertainment provider then I suggest you use this function. For instance, I am a HUGE fan of booming games, and when I was able to search for them, I was provided with all the games that they make – to which I was made aware of some new ones.

There was a huge selection of games here. 709 at this exact moment of writing this article. They were mostly slots, and completely immersive at that. Unlike other Casino’s you have to sign up first before you can get a feel for the swing of the slots, and obviously I guess no free playing. But that’s not the end of the world. I only use free play to get a feel for the Casino before I sign up. I can do this whilst playing.

I gave wild witches brew a try, which was fun and immersive. I managed to win the feature and had myself a few free spins. The themed music playing gave it that added touch. Actually, the slot games here are quite different to any other of the places I have been to. Mostly in that they are unique. Usually I see a lot of the same games spread across several Casino’s, but in Vegas Crest they have a lot of their own too.

There are table games here too. Not lots of them, but there are enough to make your mouth water if you’re into that sort of thing. All the old favourites were there; Blackjack, Roulette, and I even saw Craps there to which I haven’t seen in a Casino before. Maybe I might give that a try the next time I give this place a whirl.

Please do consider giving their promotional offers a try. There was several of them and good one’s at that. Especially their welcome bonus package. 100 free spins, and 200% & 300% bonus with the first and second deposit. Sounds pretty far out there right? Yeah, I thought so too. If not for the Casino, then you can at least give the promotions a whirl.

Final Verdict of Vegas Crest Casino

Vegas Crest was a nice Casino to play. I enjoyed my welcome bonus, and I absolutely enjoyed having the ability to search by my favourite providers. I can’t say I’ve had this option before but I’m glad it was given to me. Please do try the slots before anything else because there is quite a lot of their own unique variety here, and it feels nice to play. I’d definitely recommend it.

I had fun here there’s no doubt about that. A good experience.