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Vegas Casino Online offers many promotions and bonus codes aimed at their existing players as well as new customers.  Probably the most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with Vegas Casino Online is that the bonuses are very game specific, so before you make a deposit and choose which bonus code you wish to use, make sure you check their charts to verify that the game you want to play is eligible for that particular bonus.  We will give a brief outline in this article, but the rules of promotions and bonus codes change frequently, so it is important to always verify the information on the casino´s website.

The first bonus code is for new players and is IDBVEGAS.    This is a 150% matching bonus on all deposit up to a maximum of $3000 in bonus cash money.  While this is a high amount for an initial bonus, it is even more surprising because there is no cap on the maximum cash-out that can be requested.  Usually in many casinos that offer a high maximum deposit bonus, the cash-out maximum is very low, which restricts your potential winnings.  The IDBVEGAS bonus code money requires a 40x play-through when using games like slots and many table games.  However, if playing games like Blackjack or video poker, the play-through requirement jumps to 90x´s.  Games like live-deal poker and Baccarat cannot be used for the play-through requirement.  There are lists of games, and which play-through they require on the casinos website, it is important to understand this list before accepting the bonus.  But for many players, just knowing that slots have a 40x´s requirement is enough.

Vegas Casino Online also offers a different bonus for new players.  This bonus, which is 400BONUS offers 400% matching deposit on all deposits up to $10,000 in bonus money.  This bonus, like the one above, has no maximum cash-out cap.  This bonus code requires a 50x´s play-through and is restricted to just a handful of games, mainly some Real Video Slots, some Slots, Keno and Scratch Cards.  Obviously the benefits of this generous matching bonus is offset by the fact that the games you must play have high house advantages.

For existing players, there are also many generous matching bonuses.  The first is SLOTS200 which is a 200% matching bonus up to a maximum of $7000 in free bonus money.  The play-through requirement for this bonus money is 40x´s and as the bonus code suggests, is limited to Slots (excluding progressives), Video Slots, Keno and/or Scratchcards.

Vegas Casino Online also offers daily matching bonuses that change depending on the day of the week the deposit is made.  The daily bonuses are different in their requirements and availability.  Some are available only once a day, some are available for up to 3 deposits a day.  Most of these bonuses are low amounts, usually around $100, but have no restrictions on play-throughs or which games you can play.  As always, it is important to read the details behind each code before using that code.