Playing Powerball

Lottery Odds

Powerball lotteries can actually be found in two places throughout the world; Australia and the United States. Today we will be talking about the American form of Powerball. Lotteries have become increasingly popular over the years as more and more states are now catching on and signing up to be a part of large jackpots and thrilling fun. Lotteries to some can seem to be boring however others make it a part of their routines. Lotteries welcome players at age 18 in the United States however; each state is then eligible to make their own determination as to when its citizens can participate in lottery-style gaming.

Play Powerball
Lotteries are the simplest form of gambling. Players will simply purchase a ticket and wait for their numbers to be called. Once the winning numbers have been picked; players will then be able to choose if they would like to go with an annuity option which is paid out over a period of 30 years or if they would like to take the cash at a lower amount and being taxed right away. Players who choose the annuity option will receive installments yearly which they can use to pay bills and live. Others who choose the cash option will typically buy new homes, cars or donate some of the money to charities, schools, etc. Tickets are purchased for $2 with the ability to purchase a Power Play option at just $3 additionally. There are 5 winning balls out of 59 total white balls and 1 Powerball jackpot out of 35 potential winning balls. Players will choose five numbers from 1 to 59 for the regular winning numbers and a number from 1 to 35 for their Powerball jackpot number.

Payouts (on a $2 play) are:

Matches Prize Prize With Power Play Odds of winning
Powerball only $4 $12 1 in 55.41
1 number plus PB $4 $12 1 in 110.81
2 numbers plus PB $7 $14 1 in 706.43
3 numbers; no PB $7 $14 1 in 360.14
3 numbers plus PB $100 $200 1 in 12,244.83
4 numbers; no PB $100 $200 1 in 19,087.53
4 numbers plus PB $10,000 $40,000 1 in 648,975.96
5 numbers; no PB $1,000,000 $2,000,000 1 in 5,153,632.65
5 numbers plus PB Jackpot Power Play does not apply to jackpot 1 in 175,223,510.00


Where to Play Powerball
Powerball tickets can be purchased at local convenience stores, grocery stores, gas stations and many other places. Some make it a habit to purchase their Powerball tickets in order to be eligible in the next drawing. Drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays of each week including holidays. Drawings are held at 10pm Eastern Standard Time in Tallahassee Florida. Drawings were previously held in Orlando Florida at Universal Studios.

The Powerball drawing was introduced to several states in 1988. From there, states have joined the drawings including California in 2013. Players in California will now have the ability to purchase tickets as they already have the ability with Mega Millions jackpots. Players in most states only need to be 18 in order to purchase tickets. In other states such as Arizona for example; players will need to be 21 in order to purchase tickets. Powerball holds the largest record for the most winnings on one ticket. The largest winner was from Michigan with an annuity prize of $587,500,000 and $364,700,000 cash prize. The only few states who do not offer Powerball drawings are; Alaska, Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming & Hawaii.