How to Play

How to Play Casino War

Casino War is widely known as one of the easiest card games within the casino gaming floor. Most people have played War at some point in their life, usually as a child. With Casino War, the game is pretty similar with the addition of some specific rules. Typically the game of War is played with 2-10 people, and 6 decks. Using the same card ranking as poker, except the suits don’t affect the game. To start the game, players will first make their wager, from there the cards will be dealt, 1 card for each player and 1 card for the dealer. The cards are then compared to determine the winner. If the player’s card is higher, the player wins even money. If the dealer’s card is higher they will win the bet & the player loses.

In the event there is a tie, the player can take 1 of 2 choices, the first isn’t recommended but some choose it when they just don’t feel lucky, the player can forfeit half of their bet & move on. Or, the player & the dealer can go to “War”. If the player chooses this option, they’ll need to make an additional bet equal to the amount of the player’s first bet. The dealer will then place 3 cards on the table face down for the player and for the dealer, and give the player 1 face up and keep 1 face up. If the player’s second face up card beats or equals the dealers card, they’ll win even money on the raise and the original wager will push. If the dealer’s card wins, the player loses both bets.

War is played in land based casinos, at home and in online casinos as well. Players like this game because it’s very simple and doesn’t take much thought though it’s extremely engaging and grabs attention fast. It’s usually played at a very fast pace like Blackjack. Players usually like to start out with games like war vs. poker because of it’s simplicity, also because it is known as a childhood game to many which makes it more fun because now they’re playing for real money! Some casinos offer the option to make a bet that the next hand is going to be a tie. This is called a “tie bet” like with side progressive jackpot bets in poker, this bet usually isn’t favored among avid gamblers only because they know that the odds are usually against them in a huge way.