Sevens Wild Video Poker

How to Play

How to Play Sevens Wild Video Poker

Sevens Wild is another variation of video poker! These games are exciting as well as easy to learn. Everything is point and click so players can earn money! In Seven Wilds, all of the cards on the table are used as “wild cards” and can potentially be any card the player chooses to make a strong hand.

To begin the game, a player will need to select the amount of coins they would like to play with by either choosing the ‘bet one’ button or the ‘bet max’ button, for the bet max button this will deposit 5 coins into the game & automatically start the game. For the bet one button, the player will need to hit the ‘deal’ button for the cards to be dealt out. If the player doesn’t want to just bet one coin but doesn’t want to bet five, they can continue hitting the bet one button until they are comfortable. Players will notice the layout of the table is very clean and has the payout table listed right above the cards for easy reference. Also, when the player has decided how many coins to deposit, the column with that many coins will light up so that the player can easily look at it for reference.

The cards will then be dealt out to the player, here the player will then be able to select which cards they would like to hold or which cards they would like to discard. To select cards to be held, the player will just click each card and then hit draw, this will deal out the second set of cards for this hand. If the player has a winning hand on either deal, the player will be prompted with a banner that asks the player if they would like to double their bet or just continue playing. If the player decides to double, a bonus round will enter the screen. In this round of Sevens Wild, the player will be dealt a total of five cards, one will be face up, the other four face down. The card that is face up belongs to the dealer, this is the card to beat. The challenge here is that the cards for the player are face down, so the player is going in blindly to pick his card. If the player wins, they will be asked again if they would like to play another round or go back to the original game and then it all starts over again!