Double Bonus Video Poker

How to Play

How to Play Double Bonus Video Poker Online

Double Bonus Video Poker is a quick variation of video poker, players like this game because it’s really and carries a 99% pay out ratio which is pretty much the highest out of all casino games.

When looking at the screen the players will see the payout table. Some of the payouts are actually pretty sweet! The highest available is a Royal Flush, if the player obtains this and has deposited five coins they win a huge 4000 coin bonus! Some other top payouts are Straight Flushes 4 of a kind, 3 of a kind and so on. Under the payout table players will see their cards in this game a standard deck of 52 cards is used and the cards are dealt 5 at a time face up. After each round the cards are shuffled automatically. The game will always have the ‘bet one’ ‘deal’ ‘bet max’ and the ‘cash out’ buttons. Below is a list of what each one means.

Bet One – This is used when the player wants to use one coin or many coins up to four. The player will click this as many times as coins they would like to deposit.

Bet Max – This is when the player wants to deposit 5 coins into the game. When using this button, the cards are dealt automatically.

Deal / Draw – After the player has made their first wager, they will hit the deal button so the cards can be dealt. After that, this button turns into the draw button which is used the second round in a video poker hand.

Cash Out – This is used when the player would like to take their winnings and head out of this game to the casino lobby area.

Other buttons may be included based on the software you are using to play Double Bonus Video Poker. Players can also use some unique Auto-Play features such as; Auto Hold, Auto-Rebet, AutoPlay, Optimal Play Hints, Game Analyzer, and more.

To start the game the player will first make their wager with either the bet one or bet max buttons & then hit deal. The player will be dealt five cards. To choose which cards you would like to keep simply just click the cards and click draw. The draw button will deal out more cards in place of those who do not have a hold on them. There is the option for a bonus with this game. If the player has a winning hand the game will automatically ask them if they would like to double their bet and proceed to a bonus game. The bonus game is pretty fun. In this game 5 cards are dealt, the dealer is dealt one card which is face up and the player is dealt four. The player will need to choose 1 of those cards to beat the dealer, the catch in this one is that the player’s cards are dealt face down. If the player wins this round they can continue doubling and playing for bonuses or head back to the regular game of Double Bonus Poker!