Bonus Poker

Video Poker

How to Play Bonus Poker

Bonus Poker uses a standard 52 deck of cards and has no wilds associated with it like other variations of video poker. The game is very simple and easy to get the hang of especially for beginners. For those who have been playing this variation of Bonus Poker there is an autoplay mode where players can wager the amount they would like and just hit deal and the game will play with the best strategies available.

The game begins with the player making their bet. At the top of the screen, players will see the payout table this is great to have handy so a player will know how much they will win when they deposit a certain amount of coins. The game has a max bet of five coins. Underneath the paytable players will find the cards that will be dealt and then the buttons they will use for gameplay. The first button is usually the ‘Bet One’ button this is used when players do not want to bet the maximum amount of coins. The player will then hit the ‘deal’ button to start the game. The player can also use the ‘bet max’ button which will deposit five coins and start the game automatically.

The cards will now be dealt, the player can choose to hold any cards they would like by clicking on each card they want to keep for the next round, after hitting the ‘draw’ button the player will receive cards in place of those they decided against keeping. If the player has a winning hand, they will be asked to double their bet the player can choose to enter a bonus round or just continue with ‎video poker.

In the bonus round, the players will be dealt 5 cards the first one is the dealer’s card and is the one to beat which is dealt face up. The next four cards are the player’s to choose from. These four cards are dealt face down so the player has to guess which card is the highest and will beat the dealer. If the player wins this round they can continue doubling and playing for bonuses or head back to the regular poker game!