Bonus Deuces Wild

Video Poker

How to Play Bonus Deuces Wild

Bonus Deuces Wild is a game everyone loves, from beginners to avid gamers this game is sure to grab your attention with it’s simplicity. Players can also control the speed of this game which is a nice perk. Some come to play just because the game is very straightforward and doesn’t require a ton of thought while playing.

In Bonus Deuces Wild, all of the cards in the deck can be used as a wildcard to complete any hand. In this game of Video Poker, a traditional deck of 52 cards is used and is shuffled after every round. To begin a player will want to start by making their bet, the minimum amount allowed is a quarter & the maximum is five coins. In this game beginners can also enjoy an auto play feature this will show the players all of the different hands they can potentially win on. After the bet has been made, the player can click the deal button, if the player chooses a max bet in some casinos this will start the game on its own. A nice feature of this game is that the payout chart is always available at the top of the screen.

If the player has a winning hand once their five cards are dealt, the player will see that a pop up will cover the paytable and ask if they would like to double their bet & head to a bonus game. In this bonus game, the player is dealt five cards, one of those will be dealt face up which is called the dealer card. To win the bonus bet the player will need to click one of the four down facing cards and choose one that will be higher than the dealers’ card. The catch here is that the cards are facing down so the player has no idea what they’re clicking! If the player wins the bonus bet, they will be asked if they would like to double again and play another round or if they would like to head back to the normal Bonus Duces Wild game. The game will continue to offer the bonus rounds as long as the player keeps winning them!

If the player decides to opt-out of the bonus rounds, the player will be redirected back to the original game with their winnings. Bonus Deuces Wild offers higher payouts on lower hands than any other video poker game around. This game can be found in many different online casinos around the world!