Aces and Eights

Video Poker

How to Play Aces and Eights

When a player first visits the Aces and Eights game, they will notice that the layout is very simple. (The game is pretty simple as well) The top half of the screen is used for the payout table, each column represents how many coins the player can bet. The maximum bet for this game is five coins. Under that, the player will see 5 cards, this is where the player will be making all of their decisions! On the very bottom of the screen the player will find their buttons. Now, every casino is different and may offer more buttons however they will all offer the ‘bet one’ ‘deal/draw’ ‘bet max’ buttons. To the right of these buttons the players will see the denomination of money they are using, their credits won, coins played, and the balance they have deposited into the Aces and Eights game.

Aces and Eights uses one deck of 52 cards and has no wilds like in some other popular variations of video poker. The game begins once the player makes their bet, they can either make their bet using the bet one button and then pressing deal or pressing the bet max button. After the bets are in, the player will be able to see the five cards dealt to them. An auto play feature is generally offered with this game which is great for new players because they can learn about which cards make the best payouts. When the player wants to hold a card they will simply click the card and it will be held. If the player doesn’t want to hold any cards they can simply click draw and the next hand will be dealt out. If the player has a winning hand, pairs or anything like that the game will automatically prompt the player for a bonus round with a double bet feature. Players can choose to double thier bet amount and play a fun game.

The bonus round consists of five cards being dealt, the first card is dealt face up, the other four are dealt face down. The player will need to choose one of the four face down cards. The aim of this bonus round is to choose a card that will be higher than the dealer’s face up card that is already on the table. If the player wins, the player can advance to another double bet round or they can choose to go back to the regular video poker game of Aces and Eights.