Vegas 3 Card Rummy

How to Play

How to play Vegas 3 card rummy

In the game of Vegas 3 Card Rummy, the rules are pretty straightforward. The objective in this game is to have a lower score than the dealer. So this is how it goes, the game is played with one deck of 52 cards. The dealer deals out 3 cards each the players cards are facing up the dealers, facing down & the cards are shuffled after every play.

Card Values ~ numbered cards through ten are taken at face value, face cards, jack queen & kings are equal to ten points, aces are counted at one point. Pairs are counted at original values and have no increased value same with triples etc. They work toward your advantage in this game & equal to 0 two-card suited run is also 0 along with a three-card suited run. In this game, an Ace & a King are not considered a suited run.

When your bet has been placed and the cards have been dealt if you feel that you cannot beat the dealer you can fold & forfeit your bet. So basically, in Vegas 3 Card Rummy, the highest payout is determined by the highest score 0’s are paid out 4:1 scores 1-5 will pay out 2:1 scores 6:19 are paid 1:1 and a tie will result in a push.

The winner of the bonus bet is when the player’s hand has 12 points or less, and is not measured against the dealer’s hand. Winners A-2-3 Suited Run 100:1, 0 pays 25:1 1-6 pays 2:1 7-10 pays 1:1 11-12 pays 4:1.

The player will win if the ante bet, if the dealer’s cards total more than the player, or if the players bet is raised and the dealer has more than 20 points. Raise – same thing except if the dealer does have 20 points or less. Bonus Bet- When the players cards equal less than 12 points.

The Dealer Wins If:
Ante – When the player folds or if the Player’s cards total higher.
Raise – When the dealer’s points are lower
Bonus Bet – When the Player does not meet 12 points or less.