Sic Bo

How to Play

How to Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo in Chinese means dice pair. The game originated in China, many centuries ago. Gameplay consists of three dice and an elaborate lighted table. Usually, this game is found in special sections of large casinos, other casinos may offer the game but only out on the gaming floor with 1 table to play at. The game is actually very simple and fun. The aim of this game is to pick single numbers or a combination of numbers that will be the dice roll outcome. This game has single die numbers, two of a kind, three of a kind or combinations of two or three of the die.

Players can choose from seven different types of bets in the game of Sic Bo. The first being, Wagers can be made on any 1 side of the 6 the dice offer, 1 through 6, when that number comes up the bet, is paid 1:1, if two of the dice come up with the same number, the bet will be paid 2:1 and if three of the same come up, the bet is paired 3:1.

The player can also choose 2 different numbers if both numbers come up, the bet is paid at 5:1.

Players can bet on all three dice, they are able to bet on any total from 4 to 17, the payout on this type of bet is anywhere between 6:1 or 50:1 which depends on the total bet.

Another option is to make a bet either “small” or “big” this is when the player wins when they make a bet on small and the dice outcome is between 4 and 10, the “big” bet is when the dice rolls between an 11 & 17.

Players can bet that a specific triplet will be the outcome of the dice roll with a payout of 150:1

Players can also bet on any triplet for a payout of 24:1

and the final bet type is when the player bets on any pair of numbers which will end with a payout of 8:1

The game begins with the players placing chops on the choices they have made, in this game it is the player’s responsibility to position their bets correctly, in some casinos the bets are placed by the dealer with the player’s direction. After that, the dealer puts the dice in a container and then sets it on the table and calls out the numbers that have been rolled he then inputs the numbers into an electronic scoreboard, and then the players are paid out!