Caribbean Stud

How to Play

How to Play Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is loosely based around the super popular game of poker. The variation of Caribbean Stud, has also grown very popular over the years. One great thing about Caribbean Stud is that players are also allowed to make a side bet to win a progressive jackpot. Players enjoy Caribbean Stud because it’s a slower casino game than Blackjack and other variants, it has a social aspect to it which player appreciate.

The game of Caribbean Stud is typically played on a Blackjack sized table and uses the same rankings as general poker and it is the players against the dealer, in this instance, the player’s hand will want to player’s dealers. The other players are there specifically to play against the dealer as well so their hands don’t have a play in yours.

For starters, the player will need to make an ante bet which will need to be equal to the table’s minimum. Each minimum is totally different at every casino. This bet is placed in front of the player in a circle on the table, this is also when the player can make the bonus jackpot bet as well. After the cards have been shuffled, the players receive 5 cards face down, the dealer will receive 4 cards face down, and one card face up. This is the players chance to look at their cards and make the decision to “forfeit” the ante bet or “call” by making another bet double the size of the ante bet. Next the dealers hand is shown, to qualify, the dealer needs to have an ace-king or better. If this does not happen the players are paid out even money for the ante bet and the second bet is called the push where neither the players or the dealer wins. If you end up beating the dealer, the players are paid out even money for the ante and then the call bets are paid out like this:

One Pair or less: 1 to 1
Two Pairs: 2 to 1
Three of a Kind: 3 to 1
Straight: 4 to 1
Flush: 5 to 1
Full House: 7 to 1
Four of a Kind: 20 to 1
Straight Flush: 50 to 1

Most would advise against placing a side bet, even if it’s just a dollar this is because the odds are so against the player. Some don’t know this but even if the dealer beats the player, they are still eligible for the jackpot and it’s important that the player speak up to let the dealer know that they have made a bet for the jackpot before all of the cards are picked up.