Caribbean Hold Em’ Poker

How to Play

How to Play Caribbean Hold Em’ Poker

Caribbean Hold Em’ Poker is in the same family along with Caribbean Stud Poker which is a variation of Texas Hold Em’ with the addition of a progressive jackpot side bet. Players can win the side bet with a Royal Flush on the first five cards. Additionally, a player can win the side bonus with a progressive jackpot with the first five cards and a better hand than the dealer’s. In online casinos, Caribbean Hold Em’ shares a jackpot with Caribbean Stud Poker so that the jackpot can build faster for more chances of payout. To start playing, first you’ll need to click the chips to place a bet, at some tables there are limits so be sure to be aware of those, this will be your bet. After that the deal will be made. The dealer will be dealt 2 cards face down, your cards are dealt face up, there are then 3 cards dealt out to each player called “the flop” which are also dealt face up. From there you will need to predict if your five-card hand will beat the dealer’s or not. In this case, if you feel that the dealer is going to win you’ll “fold” this will forfeit the bet and end the game. If you feel that you’re standing pretty tall, you’ll “call” which will make an additional bet twice the amount of the Ante bet (which was the original bet you made.) From there, two community cards are dealt face up totaling 5 cards which both you and the dealer can use to make the best hand totaling 5 cards. If you’re still in the game, you’ll make your hand and yours will be compared against the dealer’s and the winner is decided! Card values are considered the same in the regular game of poker.

The Progressive Jackpot is totally optional most would advise against betting any money on this because winning chances are extremely low. Ranking for this jackpot depends on the rank of your poker hand and are paid out based on the best five-card poker hand. To make a bet toward the progressive jackpot, you’ll want to place it before you make the ante bet. If playing online, there will be some form of indicator letting you know that it’s time for those bets to come in.