Face Up 21

How to Play

How to Play Face Up 21

Face Up 21 is a unique game because it offers the player some great perks, first the player is able to see the dealer’s cards which is something most players would like most games. The second, the player can surrender their cards whenever they would like if they feel this is the best possible strategy available. Face Up 21 consists of eight regular decks of cards. In casinos, the game of Face Up 21, is played with many different numbers of decks. In the game of Face Up 21, players can Split any two cards that have the same or equal value. When doing this the player is required to place another bet with the new hand in the same amount as the original wager amount of the first hand. A player is actually allowed to split as many as 3 hands. Doubling Down in Face Up 21 is when there is a 9, 10 or 11, and a player can double down after splitting cards. Dealer Rules, the dealer will need to hit on any hard total of 16 or under & stands on cards that total 17 or more. The dealer also hits on a soft total of 17 or less and stands on any soft total of 18 or more. One rule that is important to understand when playing in an online casino is that when the dealer is forced to stand on the first hand, the computer will then automatically hit for the player until they win, or bust.

Some helpful tips when playing Face Up 21, The best thing to do when playing at a casino is to find one that offers the lowest number of decks, the lower the number of decks being played, the better the player’s odds are. The more decks being played, the higher the house edge this goes with all 21 games. When a player considers surrendering their cards; this is something where a lot of thought is needed if surrendering at the wrong time, the player runs the risk of putting themselves on the wrong side of the house edge.

Typically, the game of Face Up 21 is the same as Blackjack (aside from being able to see the dealer’s cards of course) The dealer is dealt 2 cards as well as the player, from there you’ll want to analyze the dealer’s cards. In this game, you’ll want to be the closest to 21 at the end of the hand without going over. When going over 21 in a hand of Blackjack this is called a “bust”. To “hit” in Blackjack is a way to ask for another card, and to “stand” is to remain as you are without gaining a new card. Cards 2 – 10 are read at face value, Jack, Queens & Kings are counted as 10’s and Aces can either be counted as a 10 or a 1 depending on your hand.