How to Play

How to Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat’s origin has been fought over for many years, meaning “Zero” in English, the word Baccarat is the same in both French & Italian, who knows where it came from! It has been said that a man named Felix Falguiere was the one responsible for the birth of Baccarat which was first played with Tarot cards in Italy somewhere in the middle ages. From there, the game was said to have been introduced to France in 1490 A.D. where it remained before it actually became a casino game. Baccarat where played was only to be used by royals and was played secretly due to the fact that it was illegal, now in casinos the game is played by high rollers usually in a secluded area of the casino. There is also the variation Mini Baccarat where the stakes are not as high, there are not as many players and well there just isn’t as much money on the table.

Baccarat usually has a total of 12 players and also some additional people who oversee the bets. There are different versions of Baccarat including mini-baccarat where the stakes are not as high. Most of the time there are different options available as far as low stakes & high stakes baccarat, you will want to try and start out with a low stakes game until you have the hang of how it all works before betting in a high stakes game.

Baccarat has two hands one for the banker, and one for the player. Before the dealing of cards, the bets are placed this is where you can choose who will be the winner, the banker or the player. After all bets are in the cards are dealt, two for each hand. The winner in this game is the one with the score closest to 9. Card value is kind of like Blackjack, numbered cards are counted at face value, face cards are counted at 10 and aces are 1 point. This is where it’s a little bit different, if you are dealt a hand and it totals higher than 10, the first digit is dropped and you proceed with your play with only the second digit.

At the casino whether online or in person, the rules change so it’s important to know what the rules are. after the cards are dealt based on the casinos rules, more can be dealt or the round can be over it just basically depends on the rules of the casino. So, that is how you play Baccarat online!