Unintended consequences from online gambling

I like a gamble now and again. I try to gamble responsibly though, knowing the ways in which you can fall foul to gambling.

I don’t know if you know but I was addicted to gambling in my youth. I managed to pull out of it, I also managed to learn a healthy balance between gambling and safety, and that in return has helped me use online gambling regularly whilst having fun at the same time.

Because let’s be real about it. Gambling IS fun. Addict or no addict.

My gambling has brought with it it’s fair share of ups and downs in my life, and problems that I’ve had to deal with as a consequence of what I’ve been getting up to. So, lucky for you I’m going to write out a bit of a listicle for you to hopefully save you some shortfall later down the line. Perhaps you’ll nod in agreement having been there before or sit there in silent thought for later. Time will tell.

What are some unintended consequences?


Oh, this is a biggie with gambling. You are most likely going to find yourself in debt if you don’t gamble responsibly. If I remember back in my youth days, there was sometimes I would be owing the big bruiser down the town $50 because I needed some money to gamble with but had lost it all. Child problems of course, but in my adulthood that just swapped from bruiser downtown to my bank manager. It was all the same. And your bank manager will eventually take your house if you don’t keep up with your payments.

Isolating yourself from your network

One thing I’ve seen in the past is that people who have managed to get themselves into the cycle of playing the online casinos can become quite the hermits. You know? Closed curtains, never going out? When they have money it all goes to the casino, and when they don’t then they have no money to socialise, and if there’s no money needed then the deflation from having no money tends to keep you housebound.

Interfering with your life.

Someone once said that an activity is okay until it starts interfering with your life. What do I mean? Well, missed workdays – pretending that you’re ill or sick so you can sit at home and play those sweet new slot machines, or you can’t miss the online team up at poker. It’s all the same.

Becoming secretive.

I have a friend that will tell you that keeping secrets from anyone is bad because of the situations that he’s found himself in because of the secrets he’s kept from people. You could find yourself hiding that you’re playing on the casino because a friend, family, or even partner that disagrees with you for having a fun game of poker. Secrets aren’t good. And the longer you keep them then the harder it’s going to get.

Reduced happiness.

I know through experience that the longer you seek a thrill, and especially from online ways, then the more detached from reality and depressed you will become. Then as you do that the more unhappy you will become. Why? Because you aren’t getting those healthy sun rays and the hormones that being in the presence of real people gives you.

Becoming more anxious.

It’s been scientifically proven that the more blue screen (monitor) time you have in your life then the more charged energy you will soak up. This energy creates anxiety, and it’s a reason the sale of salt lamps has suddenly skyrocketed, because those neutralise the charges. Go out, soak up some sun, relax.

All in all

Gamble responsibly. Keep balance. Use only the money that you can afford to spend, only gamble for short periods of time, go out regularly, don’t miss work, enjoy life.

Hope this helps ?