Playtech Software is one of the most sought after online casino gaming choices for players and companies alike. The company has many great attributes and a rich history which players may be intrigued to learn about. Players have the ability to utilize hundreds of games on a seamless platform that can be accessed via a download or an instant play version right through the browser window. For the most part, casinos that have Playtech software will operate for players in countries throughout the world, with one major country exception, the United States.

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The software company was established in the year 2000 and has been operating seamlessly since. This company not only caters to players within the online gaming market but they also offer gaming to poker, bingo, skilled based games and kiosk type gaming styles. The company has made leaps and bounds for the online gaming industry where in 2005 it went public and was listed on the London Stock Exchange to raise money to help with future growth of the company and gaming features. This move also allowed the company to acquire other companies to create one mega brand.


Players and casino companies alike will search out for a partnership with this company. One of the downsides to playing here is the amount of new games they roll out. This company handcrafts each and every game so new releases are infrequent compared to some of the other online casino gaming companies. One of the higher marks within this software is that the Blackjack hands are dealt very quickly. So if you’re a Blackjack player and this is important to you, this may be a brand to look for when choosing a new online casino. Unfortunately, as mentioned above; the casino company does not allow its casinos to market or accept United States players. This was made a public statement by Playtech in 2006 after the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, also known as the UIGEA. This act forced many companies to stop marketing or accepting United States players even when the act was revised in 2011.


Playtech gives its players a really great library of gaming choices. There are hundreds of different options available to players which range from slots to table games, card games and more. Poker and bingo are also included in their library which can be somewhat rare. Many times you will find casinos that offer an all-around gaming experience however; you will have more than one software company, one will offer your Vegas style casino gaming, the other will offer your poker and bingo choices. Playtech offers downloadable software that operates in a full screen mode; it includes all of the gaming choices with added special features like user controls to speed up or slow down the gaming within slots and video poker. The alternative method to this is the instant play version which may not be available to all casino players but gives Mac users a shot at playing all of the games right through their browser.


As said above, Playtech Software was developed in 2000 and has maintained it’s title as one of the top online casino gaming companies. The company typically markets to players outside of the United States due to the passing of the UIGEA in 2006. Playtech not only offers their gaming to online casinos but land based casinos, video game companies, bingo sites, & poker sites as well. In 2005 Playtech made a big move by taking the company public and listing themselves on the London Stock Exchange.

Playtech likes to test new techniques and services in all different regions of online gaming. Players can find just about any game they are looking for within the Playtech software which can be downloaded and saved to the players computer, which comes with all of the 100+ games available. Or the player can visit the site and play with the flash version of the software which is called the instant play version. If the player chooses to download the software it is automatically updated when needed. Players can come and test out the games with a free play mode which does not require a deposit as well as the real money version of the software.

Playtech offers hundreds of games to it’s players, the majority of games available are slots. One unique feature Playtech offers are Marvel slots. Players who enjoy comic books can now enjoy their favorite comic in conjunction with playing slots for real money! X-Men, Daredevil, Electra & Fantastic Four are just some of these unique games available through Playtech. Currently there are five casinos that run off of Playtech software. Playtech also offers 9+ progressive slots games where the slots are linked together to pool a huge amount of money to give away to a random winner. All a player needs to do, to get the progressive jackpot is to sit down & start playing.

One of the top reasons players love Playtech software is due to the Blackjack tables, during game play the hands are dealt out very fast which calls for swift game play. Avid Blackjack players enjoy this feature because they aren’t left

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