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Mobile casinos are one of the latest leaps of technology. Players now have the ability to take their gaming on the go with their cell phone or tablet PCs. Considering what the gaming world has evolved from, it’s no surprise that players are now able to use their mobile devices to get in on the action while on the go. Mobile casinos are one of the latest features of the online gaming world which allow players to forget the bulky computer and catch a game of slots while waiting in line at the grocery store. Mobile gaming offers are no different in terms of bonus structures, VIP programs or the sign up process but there are some differences from the typical online casinos which we will discuss below.

Mobile Platforms

What is mobile these days? It seems as though your laptop computer is mobile enough for some. With mobile casinos, they are more often referring to game play on your smartphone or tablet. To some, smartphones and laptops are divided by a very thin line, but from a technical aspect the two are majorly different. Some cell phones are unable to handle the graphics an online casino will produce, so creating a slimmer light-weight version of the casino is a great way to appeal to all audiences, even those who are constantly on the go. In most mobile casinos, players will be able to use their Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Tablet or iPad to get in on the gaming action. Other casinos will go as far as offering games to players with webTV and MSNtv choices too.

In the UK we tend to see far beyond ample promotional offerings, to the right you will get a glimpse of what some of the top UK mobile casinos have to offer to their players in terms of free cash across all of the platforms whether a player is visiting from a computer or mobile device. Each casino is designed differently from perks to game play. Often times, players will have free chips made available to them to check out the software before they have to commit fully with a deposit of their own. Signing up and depositing from a mobile device is seamless as the account will transfer no matter what device the player chooses to utilize next.

Gameplay with a Mobile Casino

Gameplay, for the most part, does not differ. The main changes from the online site to the mobile platform come down to graphics and ease of use. Since players will be using a much smaller screen, the site optimizes the games to mobile devices to cut down on loading times and to ensure that gameplay is lightweight. One of the downsides to using a mobile casino is that players may not have access to every slot game available, usually more like a handful of slots and table games to play. Some of the games include Poker and Blackjack with the possibility of slots and Roulette. The security types with the online casinos are just like the mobile casinos where security is not compromised in any way just because the device has changed.

Of course, there will be differences between online casinos and mobile casinos. The mobile version for the most part, is a watered-down version of the online casino site in an effort to create a seamless wait-free gaming platform. Players have the ability to utilize all of the same functions such as depositing, withdrawing, redeeming bonuses and many other features the casino may offer. The main difference is the gaming styles, players won’t quite have all of the gaming styles available but they will still have enough to get by as the trend catches on. Some online casinos will offer more than 25 different gaming choices with realistic graphics but they are only optimized for specific operating devices.

Mobile Casinos and Land Based Casinos

Some land-based casinos such as those in Atlantic City New Jersey are turning to more mobile style gaming from their hotel rooms. This may come in handy for those who are eager to get down to the gaming floor but are waiting on an important phone call, a loved one to arrive or are just plain trying to relax without the smoke or hustle and bustle of the casino. Betting from Bed is a program being offered in those casinos where players will use their television in the room to make bets on table games. Some casinos in Las Vegas have i-lounges where players will be given an iPad to use while hanging out in a lounge-like atmosphere.

Though mobile platforms started out in conjunction with online sites, land-based casinos started offering mobile platforms to players too. This may sound somewhat odd but it’s actually very clever. New Jersey casinos will offer a lounge area where players can sip and socialize while using an iPad (provided by the casino) to get in on their gaming choices. Players like this style of gaming because it takes place in a dark, relaxing environment without all of the smoke and crowds the traditional gaming floor will offer. When searching for an online casino that offers mobile gaming styles, you will want to make sure the casino of your choice has a solid reputation with its software company. Not all measure up to the top brands so be sure to research hat information before signing on!


It used to feel as though the laptop was going to be the biggest leap in mobility some years ago. Now, players can take their tablet such as their iPad or Android Tablet on the go with them and essentially perform almost every task their computer can do. Phones are also a far cry from what they used to be. Think back to the days when you were attached to your home with a cord if you wanted to talk to relatives or friends. These days, you can take your to-do list and all of its tasks on the go. Since we are all using mobile phones these days, it’s no wonder that we can keep adding to the fun tablets also fall under the umbrella of accepted devices at these types of casinos. Mobile casinos are another thing that can be added to the list of fun things your phone can do.

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