Vegas 3 Card Rummy

Vegas 3 Card Rummy is played in casinos as well as in UK online casinos. Vegas 3 Card Rummy is played with 1 single 52 card deck with 1 player & 1 dealer. Each card’s value is ranked at their poker value with the exception of Aces which are always ranked low. The game begins when the player makes an ante bet along with an additional bonus bet later in the game, the player is able to raise the bet to make the stakes even higher. After this each the dealer & the player will receive 3 cards. The dealers cards are dealt face down & the players are dealt face up.


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Where to Play

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Vegas 3 Card Rummy can be found in many different variations!

Card Values are as follows.
Numbered Cards 2 – 10 = their face value.
Jack Queen & King = 10 points.
Aces = 1 point.
Pairs = 0 points.
Triples = 0 Points.
Two- Card suited run = 0 points.
Three-Card suited run = 0 points.

In some games, an ace & a king are a suited run in this game they are not.

After the ante bet is made the player is dealt 3 cards face up with the dealer dealt the same but face down. The ante wager can be forfeited if the player feels his cards will not beat the dealer. If the player thinks they can beat the dealer’s hand, the player has to raise with a bet equal to the ante amount. Next, the dealer’s cards will be shown to the player. In order to qualify the dealer must have 20 points or less, in this case, the hands will be compared and whoever has the lower amount of points, will be deemed the winner! If the dealer has the lower score the player will lose the ante and the raise bets. If the dealer did not qualify because his hand went over 20, the Player breaks even and the ante & raise wagers are returned. If the player comes out with the lowest score the ante is paid out to the player 1:1 and the raised wage is paid out depending on a few different things basically the score of the player is most important. If the player has a score of 0 they will be paid out 4:1, if the score is 1-5 the payout, is 2:1 if the score is 6-19 the player is paid out 1:1 and if there is a dealer/player tie it’s called a push. There is also a bonus bet which is won when the player’s hand count is less than 12.

Basically the player wins on the ante if the 3 card value is less than the dealer or if the player raises & the dealer cannot qualify (due to having more than 20 points) on the raise if the players cards total less than the dealers & with the bonus bet if the player has less than 12 points.

The player can lose if, on the ante, the player decides to fold, or the dealer has fewer points than the player. On the rise, if the dealer’s points are lower than the player or on the bonus bet if the player doesn’t have less than 12 points.

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