Slot machines now take up 70% of most gaming floors at land – based casinos. In most cases when a person turns 21 they head right to the slots. back in the day, casinos were made up of mostly tables but as time went on, casinos became more wise and realized that slots are very popular for many reasons mainly for the simplicity of them, also there is no competition for the slots you don’t have to worry about what anyone else is doing but the player & the screen in front of them. Slots come in all different shapes, sizes, amounts & even style. Some still actually have a handle to pull down on and others are completely digital. It has been said that UK online casinos set their slot machine payouts on average at the same as the highest machines in a Las Vegas casino where you’ll have to search for the highest jackpot casinos where as for online slots they’re all readily available.


Most casinos have special Slots Bonuses!

Where to Play

You can play Slots on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone!


Slots can be found in many different variations!

Progressive jackpots are slots where the jackpot continues to grow as time goes on. In some UK online casinos, you’ll notice as advertised that their progressive slots are linked together on one system. So just because you’re playing one type of game, doesn’t mean that your jackpot isn’t progressive. Progressives are great because the jackpot is a combination of all the slots on that system. The downside when they are linked more people also have the chance of winning that jackpot.

In land – based casinos often players will develop their own strategy for picking a game some feel like they get a tingle when the lucky machine is in front of them. Sometimes you’ll even see a person waiting in line for a machine because they may have gotten lucky on that machine earlier that night so it was a good fit for them. Everyone has their reasons.There are several different kinds of slots some are 1 cent slots, 5 cent slots, all the way up to dollars but the most common ones are 1 cent & 5 cent. This way you can bet the maximum several times in a row at a bigger chance of winning. Slots have all kinds of themes some are luxury others are under the sea, the theme really has nothing to do with the game its self but it makes it just a little bit more fun!

Most slot machines are 3 reel slots this is where the player pulls a handle which makes all 3 wheels spin, to win something the pictures on the reels must line up and some of the pictures need to match. Now with video slots, there can be several different lines some have up to 30 lines to bet on this way you can create a match in all different directions, straight across, diagonal, up & down in an x pretty much any way possible.

Slots bring much enjoyment to casino players because they literally need to have no knowledge of the game to cash out big. Unlike table games slots are a social part of the casino where you can talk to your neighbor if you choose because you don’t have to put much thought into it. When casinos first started introducing players clubs & VIP rewards, slots players were not included in these promotions usually it was just high rollers at table games. Now, because slots players make up the majority of the casino population they are the ones now reaping the rewards at stake.

Counter to a land based casino’s rewards card, online casinos can offer you up to 5X your deposit right off the bat. Another advantage of online slots is free play, you can often try them out as many online casinos offer welcome bonuses, no deposit required. A casino may give you as much as $60 in a welcome bonus, also called ‘No Deposit Bonuses’ usually reserved for players new to the casino. You can find many of these bonuses by searching the keywords Free Slots or Casino Coupon Codes.

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