Top Tips to Succeed in Roulette Games

In the sphere of casino gambling the roulette wheel has turned out to be the most prominent mascot. In modern time casinos it is the third most popular game, right behind the slot machines and then the video poker games.


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The slower paced nature of its action tends to allure to the more subdued and civilized crowd compared with the other casino games like the slot machines. Originally roulette was played by European nobility including Kings and Queens and this game has always had a special cachet around it that it keeps to this day.

There are many stories around the roulette. A few years ago a young man decided to sell all his belongings to make one single bet on the roulette wheel with all his money representing all his savings and assets. So he really sold everything including his clothes and flew to Las Vegas to make one $135k bet on Red. Of course the casino used this tale for its own publicity and the story was covered by many news media. He placed his bet and won, doubling his assets to $270k in a few seconds.

This is a famous story and its shows that everything is possible for the people who dare. This example is a bit extreme though, but there is no other place where you can double your money so conveniently. In spite of the easiness of learning to play the game of roulette, finding effective strategies to win is never that simple.

In roulette games, the house generally has between a 2.7% and 5.26% edge over the players. Still there are ways for you to easily optimize your potential and make the most of your bankroll. Below are the top roulette tips that can help you winning at roulette on a regular basis, or at least lose less.

1. No systems: never imitate others’ systems for the game of roulette. Over the years, a lot of people have tried to come up with efficient and working systems with a view to win at the roulette. In spite of these attempts, a lot of which are based on neat mathematics, no such system has ever been as effective to go for. In case of the game of roulette, your system as a matter of fact needs to be actually the lack of a system. In fact it is easy to prove mathematically that no system can win consistently at this game. In other words it is purely based on luck no matter how you play it.

2. Play European roulette: the best chances for you to win at the roulette are in the European casinos. The American casinos have an additional pocket (00), which makes the odds of winning a lot lower. The house edge in the USA casinos is as much as 5.26% as compared to the 2.7% in the European casinos. When you play online always choose the better option of the European roulette format. In fact online you get an even better deal as the bonuses offered by online operators are not available in the brick and mortar casinos, and they add to your bankroll.

3. Forget about the biases: do not just spend your valuable time trying to identify the much elusive biased roulette wheel. A lot of years back, before the modern calibration technologies prevailed, it was indeed possible to identify biased wheels which changed the general odds of this game. Presently, casinos regularly and very cautiously inspect the wheels with a view to assure no wheel biases exist. Thus unfortunately, the biased wheel is part of history now.

The above are the top three roulette tips that will help you in getting a more enjoyable experience when you play the casino roulette game.

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