Most people would never associate a casino game with the construction of the great wall of China. However, Keno plays a HUGE role in it’s existence today. Keno actually originated in China and was just played for fun but then was used as a fundraising tool to save a small city in China from ruins. Every number that was purchased would generate monies that would go towards obtaining & funding an army to protect this small city with such a success from that, China decided to use the same method to raise funds to buy materials to build The Great Wall of China. Keno also had it’s first in the United States by being the first game to be played virtually anywhere in a casino. Most prefer to play it at the table while enjoying a meal, that’s how much effort really goes into Keno.


Most casinos have special Keno Bonuses!

Where to Play

You can play Keno on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone!


Keno can be found in many different variations!

Keno can be found played in land based casinos as well as UK online casinos. In land based casinos the best place to get your shot is at the table in a restaurant usually the servers there offer cards to be played on throughout the day. Sometimes the cards are just laid out on the table ready to be played. So what exactly is Keno? Keno is a relative of bingo, it is played by choosing 4 & 10 numbers on a card, each card has 80 numbers on it. When a player selects a number this is now called the “spot” After the players have made their choices (or the timer on the clock is up) A series of 20 numbers will be called either from a barrel spinning round & round with 80 balls with printed numbers on it or, a computer will generate random numbers. You’ll be a winner when your number is called, the more of your numbers that are called, the more money you’ll earn!

Instead of being referred to as a round each game is considered a “race” in the game of Keno. Statistics indicate that professional or avid gamblers typically do not choose Keno to play because the advantage is much much higher for the house at 30%. In fact, players have a 0.25% chance of their number being called. Keno is more of just a leisure activity while people have a cocktail or breakfast. In some land-based casinos there are large rooms set up specifically for Keno. Some feel that playing Keno has a huge advantage because the buy-in at some casinos to play Keno is very small sometimes even a nickel, and with just that nickel they’re able to indulge in free or cheap drinks offered by the waitresses.

So, playing keno online is basically just for leisure, unless you have a waitress at your house serving free drinks. Other than that.. it’s just fun & games! With a small chance of winning of course.

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