Craps is one of the liveliest games at the casino it’s very hard to miss the Craps table when the dice are hot! People are usually screaming & shouting you know that scene in movies where Lady Luck is standing by her guy and it looks like tons of fun? That’s Craps! Craps is a group effort so whether there’s a win or a loss there’s some kind of commotion going on. In fact, this is one of the biggest things that draw players to this game it’s very social poker & blackjack players are usually in very deep thought and silent throughout the game. On the opposite end of the spectrum when the Craps table is in it’s peak gaming time but the table looks like a ghost town you’re right in thinking that the dice are cold this is when the loser 7’s have come into town as they call it.


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Where to Play

You can play Craps on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone!


Craps can be found in many different variations!

Craps is known for it’s fast paced game play so at first, it may appear that the game is overwhelming but it’s actually very simple and after watching a couple rounds people usually get the hang of it but you’ll need to learn a few of the rule to be able to follow the game in a land-based casino. A suggestion I have to offer is to try a free play round in UK online casinos this way it’s just you & the computer playing vs. the fast paced 100 hand an hour type of game play in a real casino. So the table is laid out like this each side of the table is identical. In the middle is where the boxman stands this person takes the money from the dealer & makes drops into a lock box. Across from him is the stickman, This guy pushes the dice to the shooter with.. you guessed it a stick. He is the one who sets the speed of the game by calling out the results of the previous roll & gets the players to make their bets faster. On each side of the table there are the dealers who basically collect & pay out money.

Pass Line Bet

This type of bet is basically indicating that the shooter will be the winner of this round! When the dice are rolled a 7 or an 11, this means the shooter has won! If the dice roll as a 2, 3 or 12 then the pass line bet is a loss. Another way to win the pass line bet is when any number between 4 & 10 is rolled this becomes “the point” if this number is rolled again before a 7 is rolled then the pass line bet wins again & again in some cases.

Don’t Pass Line Bet

Don’t Pass Line Bet is very similar and you are betting against the shooter. If a 7 or 11 is rolled the don’t pass line bet is a loss. If the dice outcome is a 2 on the come out roll the don’t pass line bet is won! If a 12 is rolled, this is called a push and like with other games, no one is the winner unfortunately. Again, any number between 4 & 10 becomes the point and once the point is marked, if a 7 is rolled before the point then the don’t pass line bet wins!

How to Play Craps

The first dice roll is called the come-out roll. If this results in a 7 or 11, the pass line will win 1:1. This is a short round because the first roll was a winner. After each round a new shooter is designated. So if the come out roll is a 2, 3 or 12 this is called Craps and the pass line bets lose & the round starts over again. If any other score is rolled then the point is established for the remainder of the game.

Playing at UK online casinos will help boost your confidence before testing it out at a real table however this game wasn’t designed to intimidate or scare off players it’s very welcoming & inviting!

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