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Cryptologic is a name commonly found throughout the internet when it comes to online gaming. The company was originally established in 1998 in Toronto but is now based in Ireland. Cryptologic has maintained a good reputation as far as its gaming practices as well as its relationships with the casinos. The software company has some unique features which allow players to utilize many different gaming styles within just one website.

Cryptologic History

Cryptologic was founded by two brothers, Andrew Rivkin and Mark Rivkin. The beginnings of the company actually took place in their parent’s basement in 1995. It wasn’t until 1996 that the first casino decided to utilize their software. The brothers set out to create a secure application for financial transactions when it came to online gaming. Now, the company ranks among the giants of the industry Microgaming, Playtech and Real Time Gaming.

Cryptologic Titles

Cryptologic is the only software company that offers the Marvel slots games. Like with any land based casino, you see slots that also come with a theme such as movies. Well here at Cryptologic, you will have Marvel slots choices which story lines as well as icons will mimic rival comic books. Each casino will decide if they would like to utilize both versions of the software, one or the other. The instant play software is quick and easy to use and is available to both Mac and PC users. This one-click software option will operate right through the browser window which is an easy access feature for players. The downloaded casino is another great choice for players which will give them the ability to have all of the games right on their computer in a full screen gaming mode. To make things easier, the company has incorporated the promotions and cashier section right within the gaming software platform. Cryptologic provides hundreds of gaming choices for players of all skill levels.

Cryptologic Gaming

The company for the most part is utilized by casino gaming sites that allow players from many countries aside from the United States. Currently they have many different casinos within their portfolio including William Hill, InterCasino and many others. One of the differences between Cryptologic and some of the other online casino software companies is the fact that it offers multi-player gaming styles like blackjack and roulette. These gaming titles are found in almost every online casino however; for the most part they are not available in multi player forms. This is a major perk to those who like to play alongside other players but do not like playing in land based casinos. In addition to this type of gaming, players will also have large progressive jackpots available as well where players will click what seems to be a normal slots gaming choice but is linked with all of the other progressive slots to create one massive jackpot.

Value System

Despite having certain complexities in terms of its classifications and whatnot, blackjack is governed by a standard set of values.

    • cards from 2 to 10 have the same value like what their figures say
    • face cards are considered to have the value of ten only regardless of their rank
    • if in case, the player does not have any ace in his hands, then he is considered to have a ‘hard hand’ and the value of his cards will be taken as is.
    • On the other hand, if the player has an ace, he has a ‘soft hand’ and his total value will depend on the value of the number cards plus the value of the ace, which could either be 1 or 11. An ace card will be taken as 11 if it will total to 21. Players who have this hand will most likely win the round. However, the said card will be taken as 1 if the hand will not total to a value of 21. Contrariwise, if the player pushes to take the ace card as 11 although the total value will exceed 21, his has a bust in his hands and he will lose the round.

Wagering Modes and Other Options

  • When the dealer has an ace for his showing card in a certain round, players are given the option to wager an insurance. This refers to the capacity of the player to side bet half of his bet, considering the strong chance of the house to have a 21. If indeed the dealer has a 21 value, the insurance bet will ensure players with a 2-1 odss payout. On the contrary, if the dealer does not have a 21, the player loses his insurance.
  • Players are also provided with the option to surrender prior to revealing his hand. Automatically, the player will lose half of his bet to the house. In addition, there is also the option of early surrender. In this case, the player surrenders his hand before the dealer even views his cards. There is also the option of late surrender wherein the player only announces his surrender after the dealer has seen his cards. If it’s a 21, the surrender is withdrawn and the player loses the round.
  • Even money is a betting option that allows players to cash out a 1:1 ratio of his bet due to his hunch that the dealer has a 21 after finding out that the latter’s showing card is an ace
  • Split hand is an option where the player divides his two cards and bets on them separately. This is done when a player has received two identical cards and this option enables players to win two separate winnings for a single round.
  • Double down is an option where players can double his wager on his cards, believing that he is to win despite only seeing his first card. This also increases the chances of winning more in a certain round.

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