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Understanding Tri Card Poker: Concepts, Gameplay, and Mechanics
Many would often say that Tri Card Poker is a difficult game to follow because of its tedious and somehow complicated rules and mechanics. Nevertheless, the opposite is actually true. It is a simple and is easy-to-follow game that is commonly misunderstood. Despite this connotation, Tri Card Poker has emerged to be one of the most popular gambling forms and is even regarded as the most sought-after game. Tri Card Poker packs a lot of exciting feats: from its gripping and tight gameplay to its massive and spellbinding prizes and payout. So if you are willing to take the time and exert some effort in this game, it will be all worth it once you have mastered the craft behind its enthralling and addicting mechanism.


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Where to Play

You can play Tri Card Poker on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone!


Tri Card Poker can be found in many different variations!

Humble Beginnings: The History of Tri Card Poker
Many historians say that the Tri Card Poker that we know today actually sprung from a long list of term derivatives of the once-popular British game called “Brag.” Brag’s earlier form was coined “primero” since it is a rather fast card game. After several years, the developers added more gaming options and rules to it and changed its name into “Post-and-Pair.” Because the game’s title was a little offbeat, they later on decided to call it “Brag.” During the industrial period, the game reached other parts of the world, hence it was formally referred to as “Brit-Brag.” And while this term may be very appropriate, many players found it intimidating and started calling the game “Pochen.” When it finally landed the American soil, it’s name was Americanized into Tri Card Poker. In spite of all the grueling changes to its name, the game has maintained its gameplay and mechanics, much to everyone’s delight.

Tri Card Poker Contraptions and Setting
A single deck of cards is used in the game. Tri Card Poker is composed of two games: the first one being the Play/Ante Game and the other which is called the Pai Plus Game. The former is a separate round designed for players to play against the dealer. The one with the higher set of cards wins in this round. The latter is where players are given the option to bet as a pair. It is imperative for one to win the Play/Ante game before proceeding to the Pair Plus Game.

Tri Card Poker utilizes a specially-designed table. Located at the front area of each player are three betting circles. The topmost circle is for the Pai Plus Game bets while the other two below it are labelled for Ante and Play. A shuffling machine is found at the middle area of the table where the dealer stays all throughout the game.

Gaming Mechanics – Playing Tri Card Poker
Before a gaming round begins, each player is requested to place their bets on their respective betting circles. The cards are being shuffled while the players continue to deliberate on their bets. Once shuffling is done, the dealer will hand out three-card hands to every player in the table. The player adjacent to the dealer will be the one to play first and the rest of the players follow in suit.
In the Play/Ante Game, players are given the option to fold their cards once they have seen them. If a player decides to fold his cards, his bet on the Ante circle is taken away. If he decides to play the round, he must place another bet on the Play circle. This is the mechanism of the round which every player must undergo. After all of the players has decided whether they will fold or play, the dealer will lay down his cards. If the hand of the dealer has a queen or any face card, he wins the round and takes the bets of all the players he has defeated. On the other hand, if his hands do not have any high value card, he must pay all of the player’s Ante bets while returning their Play bets on the side.

During the Pair Plus Game, players are given a different pair of cards. If both cards have high values, the player is given the option to play against the dealer. Before he resolves to play the round, the player must first place another bet on the Pair Plus circle. Winners on this round are determined based on the higher value cards they have.

Value System

High Card – one high-value card
Pair – two cards of the same value
Flush – three cards belonging to the same suit
Straight – three sequential cards of any suit
Straight Flush – three sequential card belonging to the same suit
Three of a Kind – three cards of the same value belonging to different suits

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