Understanding Keno: Concepts, Gameplay, and Mechanics

As opposed to other casino games that involve shouting, screaming, and just plain intoxicating entertainment, keno is a game that is subtly thrilling yet highly relaxing. Most of the keno patrons simply engage in the said game because it is a relaxing and delightful pastime. More often than not, keno is mistaken as lotto since the two resemble each other in many ways than one. The most obvious similarity between the two is the concept that players get to win massive prizes in spite of their relatively small bets. This is also considered as the main reason why many players prefer this game over other casino games. Its very affordable wagering system enables small-time players to delight over the chance of winning big cash prizes. Additionally, both lotto and keno can accommodate a very large number of players in just one sitting, making both games a subject of quality bonding and healthy competition. Having said all these, keno is indeed a promising game with fun-filled perks and feats.


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Humble Beginnings: The History of Keno

Keno’s history dates back to the ancient Chinese people who also developed Pai Gow Poker. The game was made as another diversion during breaks and in-between working hours. The original version of keno is nothing short of plain, without massive cash prizes at stake. However, a few advocates noticed the potential of the game and developed a different version that involves jackpot prizes such as Chinese ornaments, materials, and weaponry. This paved the way to the unprecedented popularity of the game amongst the Chinese people. After a few years, when several Chinese workers and labourers finally got the chance to migrate to the US, the game was introduced to the foreign land. Many Americans got hooked up in the game such that in 1802, keno was officially introduced in various casinos and gambling arenas. Moreover, the game was further enhanced through the incorporation of cash prizes for the winning players. A century hence and the game has continued to flourish as one of the most sought-after games in the gambling industry.

Keno Contraptions and Setting

Keno is played in a keno lounge, the specific area where players are contained for a more convenient gaming environment. Nonetheless, players who wish to stay outside of the lounge and simply anywhere the casino is allowable. Most players even stay at drinking halls while enjoying a round or two of keno. In which case there is a an assigned “keno runner” to the hall so that collection of tickets and payments as well as awarding of jackpot prizes is made easier, if not faster. Since players can go wherever they want, most if not all casinos provide monitors all over the place so that keno players can easily update themselves on the game. This setting is actually quite similar to that of lotto’s. However the difference lies on the main gaming area. At the front of the keno lounge is a barrel containing 80 balls, numbered from 1 to 80. A presenter, who is in charge of the drawing of the balls can be found at the centre of the stage. Keno board markers stay on the side where they write or update the keno board results list. Players are given their own gaming tickets which they should bring and use if they are to join a certain round. There is no limit to the number of tickets a player can use. Finally, each player is given his own marker to keep track of the drawn numbers that are also present on their tickets.

Gaming Mechanics – Playing Keno

At the start of every round, each player is given a ticket or a set of tickets depending on the purchase one has made. Then, players are requested to mark the figures they think will most likely be drawn in the game. They may choose to mark at least 4 numbers but no more than 10. Each marked number is referred to as a spot. Thus, if the player has chosen to mark 4 numbers, he is to play a 4-spot game, and the same goes for the succeeding figures. A clerk will retrieve the tickets and have them copied. The original ticket or tickets will be kept by the clerk and only a copy will be given to the players. This is to ensure that no tampering has been made by the winning player. The game is said to begin once the presenter commences with the drawing of the balls. The presenter is to draw 20 balls for every round. The player whose chosen numbers coincide with any of the drawn figures wins the round. It is even possible that many players can win a single round in which case they are to split the winnings among themselves.

Keno’s Pay-out System

As mentioned earlier keno only requires a minimum amount of money to begin with. Wagers can go as low as cents to 1 dollar, yet the prizes can go as high as $50,000. However, not all players are entitled of the grand prize. For every keno lounge, there is a specific keno brochure that contains the pay-out system in relation to the ticket options. These brochures are often found at the area where the clerk can be found. Players may refer on this material if they want to know how much money they can get based on their bets. The concept governing this system is very simple: the prize depends mostly on the amount of wager one makes.

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