Understanding Craps Concepts, Gameplay, and Mechanics

You may have noticed how craps players tend to be the nosiest people in the casino room Well, who can blame them if they are actually inebriated by the euphoric atmosphere the lively game brings. More often than not, craps players are typified as the ones who are screaming, shouting, and making some huge noises every time a round is won. Because of this, many beginners and casino newbies find it very interesting and challenging at the same time. Many of these people would even give up the idea of learning the rudiments of the game, for fear of committing mistakes in the actual game. Little do they actually know that the key to a gratifying craps experience actually comes from knowing and practicing the most basic principles and mechanics of the said game.


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Humble Beginnings: The History of Craps
It is not possible to discuss the history of craps without covering the origin and art of dice-making. According to most textbooks and manuals, the practice of making dice can be traced in the ancient Chinese dynasties, where emperors utilize the said contraption as a tool in fortune-telling. Moreover, they also used this as a medium of summoning their deities for protection during wars as well as a tool for land division and property partitioning. Certain officials were tasked to roll the dice and the corresponding value stands for the area of land a person was destined to own. COntrary to this belief however is the speculation that the ancient Egyptians were the ones who developed the dice. Despite these opposing theories, one thing is most certain about dice, they have become the most important contraption in craps. Craps was developed in the Americas during the time when the Native Americans and Roman soldiers were looking for means to kill some time or deal with boredom. It was only in the middle of the 18th and 19th century when the game was officially established as a form of gambling.

Craps Contraptions and Setting
Every casino has its own version of the craps table. Two dealers will act as moderators throughout the game: one is a stickman and the other is a boxman. Every game accepts only a maximum of 20 players since it cannot cater to more than teh said number of players. Only one pair of dice will be used. such dice are specially created and standardized for craps to rule out any controversies. Hence, every casino has its own legitimate supplier. This is to ensure their players that no tricks or conniving ploys are used to favor certain parties, let alone cause prejudiced gaming. Additionally, an eight-hour rule is used, a rule implementing the need to replace a pair of dice afterf eight hours of continuous use. This is to furthermore ensure the spirit of fair gaming to each and everyone.

Gaming Mechanics – Playing Craps
Craps is governed by more than 40 different wagering options and strategic patterns. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why many beginners fear the learning process. Moreover, this apprehension is furtehr iginited by the fact that the craps table is nothing like the typical gambling table. Hence, despite its very interesting and entertaining gameplay, many newbies find themselves having second thoughts in investing time and effort in learning the entire craps principles, strategies, and whatnot. However, for people who want to pursue this casino game, the most important concept that they need to understand is the passline bet.

The passline bet is a wager made by the players on the passline of the table before the dealer even starts to roll the dice. This is also commonly referred to as the come out roll. To win this bet the player must have at least a 7 or an 11 as a total value for the two dice. However, if the value is a 2, a 3, or a 12, the player loses the round. Nevertheless, if none of the said figures come out on the round, the value will serve as the point number of the following rounds. The shooter will once again roll the dice, but this time the mechanics of the game has changed. The point number must come out once again before a 7 does in order for the player to win. If in case, a 7 comes out, the player loses the round and the dice will proceed to the next player in the table.

Aside from the passline bet there is also the odds bet. This refers to the bet made by the player aside from the one he has placed on the passline of the table. The odds bet is only accepted once the point number has been reached. To enhance this type of bet further, players may ask the dealer if the casino allows double odds bet wherein the odds bet is doubled for more chances of winning. If the casino allows the said betting option, it is imperative that the player must proceed to the double odds bet since it is easier to land on the point number once again compared to landing on a 7.

  • Craps Pay-out System
    The pay-out for craps primarily depends on the value of the dice:

    • Number 4 or 10 pays out a 2:1 ratio
    • Number 5 or 9 pays out a 3:2 ratio
    • Number 6 or 8 pays out a 6:5 ratio

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