Online Bingo

Bingo is a game that everyone seems to know from childhood. The fun part of bingo is the fact that as we age, we add money to the mix and the game becomes more exciting than ever. Bingo is different depending on where you play it. In some environments players will not have the luxury of speaking during game play, some of the bingo halls found on land will prohibit players from talking during game play to keep the concentration for those who are really focused on the card in front of them. Alternatively, online bingo is made out to be a social game as many of the online bingo sites offer a live chat feature which enables them to speak freely to other players within the game.


Bingo Bonuses are ample online, many will even offer free chips to get started with!

Where to Play

There are several ways to play Bingo, play from your phone, tablet or computer!


Bingo is available with several variations to include American & European styles of Bingo!

Bingo & Casinos all Rolled into One
Many bingo sites will also incorporate a Vegas-Style casino which will invite players to several different gaming options on top of the existing bingo choices. Slots are the most popular game found in these types of sites because they are the closes thing to bingo in terms of simplicity. Many times bingo sites will accommodate both Mac and PC users because they will offer players an instant play software which operates right through the browsing window without having to download a thing.

The Difference between Bingo Sites and Casino Sites
One of the major differences between online casino sites and online bingo sites is the colour scheme. Players in bingo sites are most often welcomed to a brightly coloured layout with graphics which replicate childhood shapes like clouds and things of that nature. This gives players a more relaxed feeling when it comes to the gaming which helps them feel as though this is a place where they can relax, have fun and possibly earn a little bit of cash while doing it! Another difference between online casinos and online bingo is the fact that bingo sites will also offer profiles for players. Those who enter the bingo room will be able to see who else is available that evening for a game.

Casino Reccomendation: Downtown Bingo
Downtown Bingo is one of the newest bingo sites to hit the internet. This site brings you to a beautiful layout with professional styling and colour hues of light blue and pink. The site welcomes players from around the world including the United States to a great gaming experience. This site offers bingo, slots, video poker and table games with an arcade for those who come to play just for fun. Downtown Bingo has the ability for players to choose from many different promotions and deposit options depending on the country a player is utilizing the site from.

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