Try your hand a sports betting instead of the slots.

If you’re a slot gambler like me then you’ll understand that you put your money in and the slot that you are playing is pre-set to pay out every so often. I think the ratio is between 95% and 98% depending on the slot that you are playing. The business model is something like this – several people put in $100 and it pays $95 of that back out, keeping $5 for itself. It’s a rudimentary stab at how slots work but I expect it’s a lot more complex than that.

However, Sportsbook is entirely different to this. It’s completely random and it’s a bit of luck whether you win or lose. And, you can win a lot more on the sportsbook in a sitting than you can on the slots. But of course, let it be noted that you can lose a lot more too. So, it evens itself out. If you’re betting $1000 on a game, the potential to draw in further thousands is good, but then the potential to lose further thousands is good too.

The good thing with trying sportsbook though is that you get to watch a game playing – whether it’s football, NFL, NHL, or whatever the game; you’ll get an added layer of excitement if you have money riding on it too. So, if you add a bet with your favourite team – doesn’t that add to the excitement? For me it does anyway.

Many gamblers like to play the sportsbook because it’s that added randomness, and it doesn’t feel like you are a slave to the house pot as you are with the slots.

Just remember that the betting is different with sportsbook than it is with the slots. When you’re playing your favourite slot machine then the stake and risk is relatively the same all the way through. Absolutely nothing changes. And if you’re a regular player of the slots then you get to know when one is near payout. They are built on routines and logarithms and if you play them for long enough, you’ll begin to notice a pattern.

But when you’re betting on your team it’s completely random – the casino can’t fix your team to win or lose because that’s illegal the world over. There’s no pattern or any routines to work out. That added freedom from the casino is nice I must admit.

Although when betting on games the casino absolutely will not give you favourable odds on a team that’s going to absolutely crush another. For instance, if Manchester United in England, were playing a league 3 nobody in a cup special and the game was up for betting on, then there’s no way that you would be able to bet on Manchester United and get good odds. They might work against you even.

That’s why sportsbook has opened it up to so many other exciting layers than just watching win / lose or draw. You can bet on the first player to score, how many goals they will win by, and so many other scenarios. You can probably make about 15 bets on one single game if you were to take all of the options. But obviously calm down, pace yourself – bet once or twice on a game and try a few others you may like.

Give it a try. You’ll probably enjoy it.