Visit This Is Vegas Online

The best thing about this is Vegas is its visuals. Out of all the Casinos I’ve reviewed so far, this one was striking in graphics, crisp when it came to viewing, and the color scheme was what I would naturally expect from a casino in the real world. Essentially, I felt as if I was being whisked into the Bellagio. Like for real.

Next I was impressed with Bitcoin deposits. I know I’m a stickler for anything that involves cryptocurrency because it always amazes me when more and more places are open to playing with Bitcoin. And I was impressed that this has it. Not only are you able to deposit Bitcoin but there is absolutely no waiting time for deposits. That means as soon as it detects the transaction coming through then you’ll have it.

There are all sorts of popular games providers in this online casino, ranging from Rival and Betsoft all the way to Saucify and Spinomenal. And through that you can access over 300 games at your fingertips. Yup, that’s 300 games you’re spoiled with. Pick your favorite game and roll with it.

You can also download this casino to your computer where you can play in private. No need to get stuck with browser access, you can download it and run it entirely from your pc. And since I am able to download it to my PC, that also means I can download their android app (also available in iPad & iPhone) direct to my phone.

I’ve always been a PC player but I’m slowly beginning to see the advantages of mobile gaming. For instance, if I’m ever out I can get up to date information on my games wherever I am in the world. A cheeky sneak in the office, or a quick check when I’m in the toilet – or even whilst I’m on the move in the bus or train. No need to wait until I get back home, where sometimes the games have played out and I’ve missed all the fun.

Bitcoin isn’t the only way to deposit either. You can do so with Neteller, Skrill and wire transfer, and in a whole array of different currencies. There’s a reason this Casino has been operating since 2005 and it’s not because of its poor service, that’s for sure.

I was able to access support before I even signed up to This is Vegas. One of my favorite parts of places that are about to take my money are open support portals where I can have a dialogue with someone human. That is essentially what I look for first in a service I’m about to use and This is Vegas had it. I was genuinely impressed.

And last, but absolutely not least is that This is Vegas has a top notch loyalty program, where no kidding you can earn 25% cashback on what you have spent weekly up to a total of $2500. There’s Birthday bonuses, daily cashback, and a weekly bonus. In my opinion this is amazing and now I want to deposit more and play more!

Top tier gaming from an awesome online casino brand.