The Face of Full Tilt Poker is Gus Hansen

Around two days ago, there was an announcement made by Full Tilt Poker that their poker professional Gus Hansen is going to be the one and only official brand ambassador for their online poker rooms. Full Tilt Poker has a re-launch date already set for November 6, 2012 and Hansen is now going to be the face that you see behind each of the poker rooms. He is considered to be one of the best playing players throughout the game, all around and even throughout his own career. He has initially earned over $10 million in winnings from tournaments. He made the following comment about being named as the face of Full Tilt Poker by saying: “I’m very excited to represent the industry’s most authentic poker brand. Full Tilt Poker has the best games, most innovative software and the strongest poker community; to me this feels like coming home.”

Sarne Lightman who is the head of Full Tilt’s Poker marketing section also commented on Hansen’s signing of brand ambassador by saying: “Gus is one of the best-known and most respected names in the poker community. Gus has always embodied the best characteristics of the Full Tilt Poker brand and we are thrilled to have him return as an ambassador. Expect plenty more news in the coming weeks. More international pros, exciting launch promotions and the return of Full Tilt Poker as the world’s most innovative poker site.”

Poker Stars has also been working very hard to have Full Tilt Poker all ready and set for their re-launch date that is coming up soon and during this time of preparing; they have been also working on returning many of the players funds so that they can have their whole full balance once this new site is re-launched in November. By the time the re-launch date rolls around, the website is going to be fully operational and interactive and is going to maintain their own separate identity which includes the very cool skins, the lobby’s own layout as well as their normal tournament schedule that they once had. The players are still going to be able to receive the same, if not better high quality poker experience online that Full Tilt Poker was once known for and held too.

For now, all of the players are waiting to hear more about what is going on, and hoping that the website does return as it once was, if not better without having to sacrifice any of the quality that they once have. Not only that, but players are also expecting it to open back up in November and if there are any setbacks they are hoping that they get worked out now, rather than later. This site has been one of many that was shut down due to many crosses with the law, however they are regaining their feet and getting back into the online casino scene. For now, we wait and see what is going to happen when it comes to the once very popular Full Tilt Poker online casino.