The Future of Online Gambling in the USA


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Online casinos are one of the only industries which surprisingly is still under wraps for some. Many may not know that they are able to even play online. Often times, players will think of gambling and a land-based loud bustling casino will come to mind. Instead, others will think of the comfort of their own home. Players will have many things to consider when playing in an online casino, there are age restrictions which are the player’s responsibilities to understand, and players will need to check out the gaming restrictions within their state to be sure they are complying with all of the laws in their region.

Online Gambling as it Stands Now
Within the industry, there are hundreds of choices to choose from. Players in the United States have a great selection of games by several different casino companies. Real Time gaming is one of the top choices and offers over 125 different gaming choices. When it comes to choosing a game to play, it’s very easy. Depositing is just as simple now, however; a few years ago the task was very difficult due to the UIGEA. Now, players have the ability to use their Debit or Credit card accounts such as Visa or MasterCard. In addition, for withdrawals players can use eWallets or checks to have their winnings sent out. One misconception about online casinos is that they don’t offer gaming styles like land-based casinos, this is entirely untrue, online casinos offer players the ability to choose from some of the same slots choices found in land-based casinos.

The Future of Online Gambling
New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware are the front-runners for online gaming because they are the first states to legalize online gaming from the United States. Online gaming as a whole has never technically been illegal but these new laws allow players to now find casinos that are located and operated from the United States. As of the current moment, there aren’t any casinos based in the United States as they will need to apply for licensing within their state in order to open. Some states are doing the opposite and are not looking to legalize online gambling at all, some will leave the laws as they currently stand, others plan to block online gaming from their state entirely which would leave existing online players in the dark.

Benefits of Online Gambling
There are many different advantages to playing at an online casino! Players will have the ability to play online in states where there are no or little land-based casinos. Some states such as Alaska have wide-spread cities but very limited access to casinos which would leave the players traveling for hours to reach a casino. Another advantage for the player online would be the promotions. In most cases, online casinos will offer players many more opportunities for perks and promotions throughout the month whereas most land-based casinos will offer one promotion throughout the month.