The Different Roulette Strategies

With most people associating the game “Roulette” with Casinos it’s easy to see how it’s become a firm favorite in the online gambling world too. Most online Casinos also offer an option for you to play for free, giving you the chance to hone your skills before you’re ready to throw the dice and try winning some real cash.

Below we have listed some basic, but key roulette strategies out there.

The core concept of Roulette is the same wherever, a tiny ball is rolled onto a spinning wheel containing a number of slots. When the ball finally rests in one of these slots and the wheel stops the number where the ball sits is the winning number. The object of all forms of roulette is to predict which is going to be the winning number, if you do, that’s when you bag some cash.

There is one slightly complicated bit though. There are two variations. European Roulette has thirty-seven slots with numbers 1 to 36 and one 0. The numbered slots are the color black and red, with 0 the color of green. Then there is the American version. This version’s wheel has an extra number, which is “00”. This means that it has a total of 38 slots, which gives the European version a better likelihood of winning.

D'Alembert Strategy

This strategy requires the player to focus entirely on the red or black betting. It’s a relatively simple and safe strategy to opt for, although by using this method the returns are usually quite small. To use this method of betting the player will increase bets placed by one after every loss, and also decrease them by one each time that a win is achieved.
There is also the option to opt for the Reverse D’Alembert strategy. This is the slightly riskier option, simply requiring you to increase bets after wins instead of losses.

Martingale Strategy

This is one of the most popular concepts out there. Simply decide which colour to back, and then increase your bets continually every time you lose until such time that you achieve a win, it could be costly at times, so be careful!

Labouchere Strategy

This is actually one of the most complex of the player strategies, the Labouchere requires a bit more practice. It is based upon determining a line of numbers BEFORE you start your game.

Fibonacci Strategy

Not as risky as the Martingale Strategy mentioned above, but the Fibonacci Strategy can get out of control if you’re not careful. This requires the player to add together the total sum of the previous two bets and then placing this total bet over and over again until a win is achieved.

Cover The Table

This is the simplest of all, the player needs to bet on as large a proportion of the table as possible, however players still need to be careful! There can be a tendency to increase the bet more and more, and yet win less on each spin!

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