The Bahamas Welcomes Mobile Online Gambling


The Bahamas

Aside from the usual concept that the Bahamas is all about its beautiful and quiet relaxing beaches and tourist destinations, the place is also well-known for its Atlantis Paradise Gaming Resort, a heavenly resort that is popular all over the world for its beauty, luxury, and whatnot. In a recent press release, however, the famous resort has finally spilled the beans regarding its new offering that involves the agreement it has made with Cantor Gaming and Wagering. Inside sources say that the resort has already sealed its partnership with the other party, in order for it to formally launch its mobile casino service offering. Such an innovation is projected to flourish into a mobile betting service for the clients and patrons of the resort.

In light of the matter, it can be said that the Atlantis Paradise Gaming Resort flaunts a large number of slot machines, a giant quantity of table games, and many more. These games will be made available through mobile service, for a more convenient and techie gaming experience. The Managing Director of the Atlantis Paradise Gaming Resort George Markantonis shares that he is very excited to see the completion of this agreement. In a recent interview, he shared his sentiments, “We are excited to partner with Cantor Gaming and Wagering and be the exclusive provider of mobile gaming in The Bahamas. Reputed for its depth of technological innovation and industry know-how, Cantor Gaming and Wagering is a natural choice as we seek to offer our customers an unbeatable experience.”

On the other hand, the President and the acting CEO of Cantor Gaming and Wagering Lee Amaitis is also in high spirits and is already looking forward to the patronage of their loyal customers. Amaitis stated, “We are delighted to bring a new wave of entertainment and innovation to The Bahamas as the first provider of mobile gaming in this region.” With a mutual understanding between the two parties, it is undeniable that the project will be a big hit in the near future. For now, everyone is waiting for the formal launching of this proposal and the realization of this ambitious yet quite pragmatic decision. Indeed, the Bahamas will soon not only be recognized through its beautiful beaches and sceneries but as well as through it very promising Atlantis Paradise Gaming Resort.

The agreement involves the advancement of the technology used for the gaming software and platform of the resort casino. Nevertheless, only a number of games will be tested first before the casino will formally introduce all the games through this new technology. The official list of games that will be included in the first batch of mobile games will soon be released by the Atlantis Paradise Gaming Resort. Analysts projects that the completion of this big step will help the Bahamas establish a more renowned status. Moreover, this will also help Cantor Gaming and Wagering market its other products and powered casinos and resorts.