Slots.LV Casino Bitcoin Gambling Review – Is it worth it?

SlotsLV Casino Review – Is it worth it?

When you join SlotsLV it isn’t typically what you would expect. When I went to join SlotsLV I was expecting to find some sort of slots website-casino dedicated to slots, but actually, it was far more than this. Technically, we were impressed!

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Yes, SlotsLV is absolutely legit. We have been here before several months back and played several games to which we took out our winnings happily. The same can be said for this time we played. No problems, all above board.

What can you expect from playing at SlotsLV Casino?

Well, if you come to just play Slots then think again. I mean you can play them but there is so much more to use here. Not a sportsbook which I’d like to have seen, but technically who comes to a place named SlotsLV for a sportsbook anyway.

Here you can play a massive variety of Slot machines. You name it, SlotsLV more than likely has it. We played Atlantic treasures because I’m a bit partial to the Greek era games and boy did I have a lot of fun with it. You see at SlotsLV I think they have just the right number of wins to keep you playing. Granted, I didn’t win every time, or did I win my entire bet back, but it was still really fun to play those slots whilst winning more often than not.

Don’t get too wrapped up in the Slots if you like a little variance with your coffee because SlotsLV has lots of it. No sports betting, but everything else that you can think of. We gave the live dealer and some table games a try.

The live dealer was interesting, the dealer that we were watching was concise and prompt and played with us. There was nothing out of the ordinary here. Nothing speciality, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t fun because it was. We had a good time. Sadly, we lost all that we have allotted for this game, but I’m sure that happens to the best of us.

The table games were fun. Again, nothing out of the ordinary though. These were standard table games that you can play with yourself or others on. There was quite a variety here, I mean more variety than I see on standard Casino’s, so we tried the roulette and some blackjack. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to report apart from that they were very visually pleasing.

The speciality games caught out eye. But by then we had run out of money to play with, and we wanted to withdraw the amount we had in there to test out withdrawals. But I will say there were some in there that looked a lot of fun to play, Gunslingers Gold for instance.

Final Verdict of SlotsLV Casino

I must admit, out of all the games to play in SlotsLV I would say that their slots section was by far the most stand out and fun to play. I mean what do you expect from a place with Slots in the name though? I enjoyed playing it very much, and it kept me playing for a couple of hours before it slowly etched away at the pot I was willing to spend.

SlotsLV casino also had the option to deposit by Bitcoin, which I was very pleased about. The good part about using Bitcoin is that it took no time at all to deposit, and after processing withdrawal times were super quick.

All in all a good place to put my money and have some fun.