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Sloto Cash Casino Review – Slots Galore

The first thing you think of when you join Sloto Cash Casino is that you’re going to be bombarded with slots. If that’s what you thought, then you’d be absolutely right. However, there are a few games ‘on the side’ that you can play as well, for instance Blackjack and Pontoon

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Yes, in fact out of all the Casino’s we have played recently Sloto cash’s processing time was the quickest for us to have our money back. Perhaps this was just lucky to when we sent ours for processing, nevertheless I had my Bitcoin back in my wallet well under an hour. Sloto cash is a respectable gaming outlet.

What can you expect from playing at Sloto Cash Casino?

Obviously at Sloto cash casino their main attraction is their slots. So, we mainly gave these a whirl. But before I talk about the slots, I’d like to cast your eyes over the promotions. If you’re a big hitter like some people, we know then you can get up to $7,777 in slots bonus when joining up. If that isn’t an obscene amount, then I don’t know what is. Don’t think about running away with that bonus because you won’t be able to – you have to wager it. Remember and always check the fine print.

The slots in sloto cash casino are obviously what people come here for. They are featured on the front page, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think this was all that they do. However, there’s quite a mix here, and a surprising amount of table games if you care to have a look over that section. I was pleasantly surprised with the options I was given.

The Slots we tested was Asguard. I’m a sucker for the ancient and mythical games; it stems from a childhood of playing a game called Colossus in the amusement arcade. It took us quite a few shots to get the feature in this game, and we were a good $50 down with fairly inexpensive spins, but after the feature we were right back up, and then after that we won a further $50 on a big win. Nice, considering we don’t usually walk away on that up after these reviews, but today we decided to.

Keep your eye out for the table games and video poker. It surprised me how much of these there was, considering sloto cash casino’s name suggests that there will be primarily slots here. No, there’s a whole selection of table games and video poker to take for a midnight spin. And, of course, there’s a specialty section which features Banana Jones, to which I was extremely pleased about.

Final Verdict of Sloto Cash Casino

I liked it. It might be a little confusing if you aren’t confident with technology because their game section is completely different from the section which hooks you in (the front page) and one is completely different from the other. However, if you’re able to manoeuvre past that with no problems then I’m sure you’ll get to the creamy centre and enjoy this Casino as much as we did. Don’t come here thinking that you’ll just get slots like the name suggests because you’ll get so much more

A good solid experience, and a solid all-rounder. SlotoCash now accepts Bitcoin and that is a huge bonus in my opinion for fast withdrawals. What else can I say? Come for the slots, stay for the experience.