Roaring 21 Casino Bitcoin Gambling Review – Amazing Jackpots

Roaring 21 Casino Review – Amazing Jackpots.

The first thing that smacked me in the face at Roaring 21 when I joined was their massive 9 million dollar jackpot. It set me back a little because I’ve never played at a casino with jackpots this big before, so I was a little intrigued to say the least. Roaring 21 has a nice classic feel to their website, and it screamed this is a casino to me. So, if anything, they have the design and the theme spot on.

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Absolutely. Roaring 21 is a well respected Casino brand in the entertainment-gaming sphere. I was able to deposit Bitcoin, play with my deposit, and I was able to withdraw also. The withdrawal took less than an hour to transact. I was a happy camper.

What can you expect from playing at Roaring 21 Casino?

I was very, very impressed with the Jackpot rollers in Roaring 21’s Casino. If anything, I think that’s what you should come here for, is to play the jackpots. I have never played a casino with such high winnings and it gave me a thrill to give it a go. I gave Aztec’s Million’s a go. It was a really cool experience – like an actual retro slot machine combined with a modern twist. Sadly, I’m not a millionaire though.

Please do check out their promotional package though. They offer up to ten thousand dollars in promotions for newcomers’ dependant on how much you deposit. Obviously the more that you deposit then the more bonus that you get. But for low stake depositors like me it’s still very nice to get double, or even triple for what I put in. I very much suggest that you look at this section because it is full to the brim with special promotions.

I tried the slots also. Pulsar was my game of choice. I recommend this game to anyone because it is like a slot machine combined with tetris themed in space. It’s really fun to play, and if the slot is on a win streak then it’s immense fun to play.

There aren’t huge amounts here in terms of table games, video poker and speciality. In fact, there’s very few in comparison to the other sites that are out there. However, I think if you want to come to Roaring 21 then you would come for the ginormous jackpots that would set you for life if you were to win one of them.

Also, please bear in mind that in this casino you are given lots of rewards. For instance, you are given cashback on every deposit in the sense of more stake. So, there’s a lot at offer here when you’re choosing the right promotions. Definitely worth a try!

Final Verdict of Captain Jacks Casino

Roaring 21 Casino was incredibly novel to play. By that I mean that by having a chance at winning a jackpot that’s in the millions really excited me and I bet it would you too. Just remember about gambling responsibly and knowing when to quit. I’ve seen good men go down with their ship in this kind of thing.

Also, I liked that I was able to deposit Bitcoin at Roaring 21. I’m always up for a casino that lets me throw around my cryptocurrency whenever I have it. So, depositing some bitcoin here I was only happy to oblige.

All in all, a great experience, even better with the thoughts on playing for a jackpot that would change my life.