Play it safe – Regulated Online Casinos

Since online casinos where first introduced to players, there has been immense opportunity for operators, and with opportunity comes profitability. But when your talking about multi-million dollar industry, that opportunity can also bring immense greed.

With a simple look online, you will find lists of rouge casinos stealing players winnings, and this is in fact due to inadequate licensing. Sites like have made it a point to ensure that only regulated and licensed online casinos are reviewed and displayed on there website.

Knowing this players can place bets in a secure gaming environment that has been approved and reviewed by a third party auditor and software engineer, to ensure the games are both random, fair, and secure.

When picking a new online casino to play at, you should also check to see who they are licensed by, and verify that the license is valid.

You will find unlicensed sites are popping up all the time in an attempt to defraud players. It is your best bet to play at a well known, and well established online casino, as an online casino defrauding players, will not be around very long.

You may also want to check the terms of an online casinos license as many different licensing jurisdictions offer different regulation, some with tougher terms and standers then others. This information should be displayed on the casinos web page, usually in the footer.

One example is the licensing jurisdiction of Curaçao. Curaçao offers an attractive business environment for E commerce as it is easier to get licensing to run an online casino, but with that comes the opportunity for quick start up casinos to potentially defraud players.

Even worse, imagine winning a large jackpot, and then the online casino not wanting to pay out! As said before, you will want to keep an eye open, and do a little research as with anything before you simply hand over your money.

With all that said, online casinos have not come this far by being defrauding players, there are many more reputable online casinos that by far out number the online casinos that are known as rouge. Make no mistake, this is a multi-million dollar industry in the United States alone, and that only seems like a smaller number when you include the rest of the world.

Many players are daily, or weekly players, weather it be your standard casino games like Blackjack or Roulette, or in a live online bingo hall with a digital bingo card. This provides a way for many Americans to relax and has largely become a favorite pastime of many Americans.

So before you sign up for a new online casino or take that next big casino promotion, do a little research to ensure your gambling on a safe bet! Even better, check out some of the reviews that can be found at USA Online Casino Reviews.