PokerStars Online Gambling Suspended Due to New Plans

PokerStars is one of those online gambling sites that just about everyone knows. This is because they provide one of the biggest casinos that you can play online, but they also give tournaments for those that are higher up, as well as stars that are aired over the television. They have also been in their fair share of scandals and in the news quite a few times, but here is another time that you might want to learn a bit more about what is going on with the online casino and why they are now suspended.


The site is now not able to provide gambling in the state of New Jersey because of indications made against the owner of the site. They stated that the casino is not able to take on any new clients throughout this state, even if it legal everywhere else throughout the state, they are not able to use this site specifically.

How long is this site going to be out of commission for this state? They banned them for two whole years, but after that two years is up, they can apply again for a license to practice in the state. However, there is not certainty or guarantee that this is going to be awarded when it comes to having the site apply again since it all depends on the attitudes of those on the board.

PokerStars is disappointed. Not only do they have 16,000 players signing on and playing each and every day, but none of them are from the United States. The one country where it is supposed to be the land of the free is not able to play on one of the biggest and most exciting online casino communities out there. It is now illegal and they are now out of a license.

The owner of PokerStars, Canadian, is pretty upset over the whole ordeal.

This is primarily due to the problems and heat between the owner of PokerStars and the head of the board, but as things change, people are hoping that they will be able to play on the site at long last. Maybe times will flip, differences will be set aside and this will be able to be done, but for now… PokerStars is definitely an illegal website to the state and every other state as well. They do not have a license to practice in the country which means they are not able to move forward when it comes to pursuing those players throughout the United States.

Check back in two years to see if you can play on PokerStars since this is how long it is going to take them to try and be entered into the approved list for licensing in the state. There are many upset players right now hoping to do something for the online casino before then, but there is very little that can be done once an application has been denied – even if it is was wrongfully denied.

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