Planet 7 Casino BTC Review – Sweet Animation.

Planet 7 Casino Review – Sweet animation.

When I joined Planet 7 Casino I couldn’t but help notice the sweet animation and the cool graphics. A casino that looks good is something that will easily attract me, and I guess others. In fact, out of all the online casino’s I have searched the internet for Planet 7 rates at the top of them when it comes to appearances. A very cool looking site

Let’s answer one question first. Is it legit?

Absolutely. For this casino we used our Bitcoin to deposit because we knew that when we were finished it wouldn’t take long to take out. We had absolutely no problems depositing and withdrawing and getting our promotional bonuses. Planet 7 is a well respected website in the casino-sphere

What can you expect from playing at Planet 7 Casino?

Planet 7 has a variety of games, which are mainly weighted to the slots section. There are quite a lot of slots here, but definitely enjoyable. Would you believe me if I told you that I had just spent the last four to five hours on a slot roller on here? Well, you’d be right if you were to believe me because that’s what I did. I had a LOT of fun on these slots.

I at first gave Pulsar a spin, which as far as I’m told is a relatively new game. It was a seemingly weird mix between Tetris and a slot machine. I loved it, and ended walking away breaking even. It brought me right down to my last dollar, and then I won it all back again. Not having any faith in my current luck, I decided to set my sights on another game.

So, I went to stardust next to which was a plentiful experience. I even unlocked a mystery feature to which it credited my account with over $200 in winnings. I put $100 back in and then called it a day after that. Very enjoyable experience, and in total about four to five hours on this Casino.

There weren’t many table games here. Where was the roulette? This is one of my favourite table games that I always make a beeline for, but sadly I couldn’t find it anywhere. However, there was Blackjack, Pontoon and a variety of others to make up for the shortfall. Nothing way awesome in this section, however it was incredibly fun to play. Lots of enjoyment.

There is a video poker section here. If you like normal card games mixed in with a Las Vegas video game type feel, then this should be your go to. I’m not a big player of these because I’m not very good at poker. If you do want to play these though I’d recommend trying a practise round first before you get in with the thick of it. It gives you a good chance to think of a strategy and hone your skills.

There was even less in the speciality section, but I was pleased to see Banana Jones – that’s one of my favourite games from that part of the Casino’s. I don’t play it hugely, but when I do, I have a good laugh.

Final Verdict of Planet 7 Casino

If you like an immersive experience with amazing graphics, then Planet 7 is the way to go. Every game that I tried was heavy in sound and heavy on graphics. The experience was quite original, and very fun to be part of. The slots section in Planet 7 is definitely their main feature, and you can tell this because when you enter it’s the first games the casino tries and gets you to play.

I enjoyed this experience. I will be coming back for more.