Visit Paradise 8 Casino Online

I’d like to point out the promotions section in Paradise 8 online Casino if you haven’t looked at them already. This was the first thing that struck me as quite a hook for players like me. I’m usually a hit and run player and can be found trying out Casinos and then walking away with my winnings (or loses) never to come back. At Paradise 8 there is a whopping 100% bonus once you’ve made your first deposit. Did you read that right? 100% Yes, I know, hard to believe isn’t it? And not only do you get 100% but there’s also 888 free spins up for grabs at the end of playing out your previous bonus.

You’d think that they’d stop there, right? But no. After the bonus + spins you are automatically enrolled into their VIP club. This will give you daily and weekly cashback, and also daily and weekly bonuses. Crazy, right? But no, there’s more! Yes, on your birthday you get bonuses too. If there’s a reason to play and keep playing at Paradise 8 Casino then it’d be the promotions. I’m amazed.

The slots here are fun to play and quite different from the others that I’ve played. It seems that each online casino that I join have their own unique and well respected entertainment games ready to be played. These were very engaging. I tried my hand at the one on the front page that was ready and waiting to be played. Popping Pinata’s. It was similar yet quaintly different from the scatter bonuses I am used to – where the bonus round involved smacking several Pinata’s with my mouse. Fun, and the slot was interactive at every step keeping me engaged and playing.

Another diamond aspect to this online casino was that Bitcoin deposits were a thing. I’ve long since been a fan of bitcoin and I enjoy a bit of a gamble with it. Gambling with Bitcoin means that your deposits are instantaneous, and you can start playing right away. As soon as Paradise 8 spots the transaction coming its way then you’re off ready to play.

I also enjoyed having a support panel all the way through. I didn’t even have to be a member signed up to access the support panel. This is also a test I do – and that’s how early I have access to support in the process. The better the treatment of customers then the easier it is to reach someone, and I’m all about being pampered especially if I’m going to be giving them my hard earned money.

But don’t let me stop you there, there’s more than slots at Paradise 8 online casino. There’s access to a whole range of games and table games. You can try your hand at bingo or test your resolve against other players in some table games, or try and beat the dealer in roulette. The choices is absolutely yours and I have no doubt that you’ll have a lot of fun at this place. Just make sure you save some for me because I’ll be making this a regular stop off myself.