In the world of casinos, slots are the most popular game available. Within that category, players will find progressives. These types of slots can be the most profitable but they are a game based upon pure luck. One thing that is true about these, players will never just find one progressive slot machine; there are always multiples as this is how they thrive. All different types of players enjoy progressives, even table game players will sit down at a progressives game here or there.

What are Progressives?

Progressive Slots are very common in casinos however; even in land based casinos, you may find a line to sit down at one. In short, progressive slots are exactly like your typical slots however; they offer the ability to give the players a large jackpot bonus. Progressives are very easy to spot in a casino as well, players will normally see flashing lights, a car or maybe just an electronic banner which will reflect the latest jackpot amount. In online casinos, players will have the ability to navigate to the game choices with easy navigation tabs.

How Do They Work?

These types of gaming choices offer players the ability to sit down at a machine, or their computer if they are online players and play a normal game of slots. At random, a winner is chosen. In land based casinos, players can receive up to a six figure win, in online casinos; players are looking at a five figure win but with better odds of winning. Progressive slots are your normal slots with the addition of being tied to other similar games. All of the money deposited into the games are pooled together in order to make one winner very happy. Progressive jackpots can also be found in poker and other games around the casino with slots of course, being the most popular.

Progressive Bonuses

With slots being the number one casino game, players will often find slots bonuses. These are more than likely going to be deposit match bonuses which players will only be able to redeem on slots games. Slots deposit match bonuses are usually much better than table game bonuses as the percentages are higher and the ceiling for deposit match bonuses are much higher. Some online casinos will also offer slots clubs and slots tournaments which are thrilling and fun for players as they go through the rounds collecting more and more cash.

Real Time Gaming is an online casino software company which offers it’s players the ability to sign up and start playing immediately. The company offers a downloadable version of it’s software as well as an instant play version. Both forms of the software work well for Mac and PC users and both feature progressives and regular slots choices as well. Real Time Gaming casinos offer players many different bonuses on slots as well as slots welcome packages.