Best Online Casino Slots

Are you looking for the best online casino slots? Just below you will find some of our favorite online casinos for playing slots, with hundreds of different slot games from a verity of software providers.

Anyone who has ever been to a casino will notice that slots take up the majority of the gaming floor. Online casinos possess the same statistics. More players come for the slots than any other game. In most casinos, players will find many different choices some, even offer around 100 different types of slots with unique titles. One good thing about slots is that they are very easy to start playing. Often times, players will find a TV show or a movie they like and start playing the slots game associated with it.

Slot Variations

There are three different types of slots gaming choices which sum up the majority offered. Players can choose from 3 reel, 5 reel and progressive slots choices which all offer something unique and different. Below we will offer information on each different type to help players better identify which type of slots game they will be most interested in testing out before depositing money.

3 Reel Slots

We will start off with the classic slot choices. Here, players will have the most basic type of slots game. This type offers just 3 spinning reels. Some may have more than just one pay line though as found in many land-based casinos. Three reel slots are great for beginners or those who are not too familiar with casino gaming yet as the gaming style is slower paced and offers new players to get a hang of the game before jumping into something faster.

5 Reel Slots

5 Reel Slots are your next type of slots gaming choice. Though the names sound the same, players here will have a lot more gaming action available to them. Players will have up to 45 different pay lines which all offer something different to the player. Many 5 reel slots gaming choices also offer players the ability to receive a bonus round which could land them a nice bit of cash during their gameplay. 5 Reel Slots are often found in land-based casinos and make up the majority of the library in online casinos as well.

Progressive Slots

Progressives are the most rewarding if a player happens to be in the hot seat at the right time. Progressives are your typical slot machine, usually in three or five reels. Players will be able to sit down and play with the ability to potentially win a large jackpot. Progressives are several machines linked together to form one “pool” of winnings. The jackpots are randomized and can choose a winner at any given time. In online casinos the jackpots will usually reach a five figure win for players whereas land based casinos will offer six figures and other prizes such as cars, trips and other luxury items.

As you can see, there is a whole lot more to the world of slots. There are several different types, titles and winnings to be had.