Online Casino Bonuses for USA Players Part II


Finding the Best Online Casinos and Bonus Codes: Final Determination

We continue the research with the introduction of the next type of promotional offer these casinos have available. When a new player first enters a casino, online or offline, he/she is presented with the opportunity to sign up for a free player’s card giving them money for the slots. This promotional money is provided by the casinos to help entice these new players to stay for a while and hopefully become a returning member. The longer a person stays spinning any slot machine, the greater their change of losing all their money to it. The same goes for almost all games of chance. That is just a fact, if anyone says differently they are lying or they are on a seriously lucky winning streak. Online casinos feature the same money enticement, but it is renamed as a no deposit bonus and is only good for use on the slots. The casino money in free chips or on a player’s card has the same purpose fundamentally, to give extra play.

With this said, online casinos give their new players (or new sign-ups) a “no deposit bonus” to tilt the favor back to the side of the depositor, over from the side that is of the houses advantage. This should not be confused with a “casino welcome bonus”* that increases the amount of extra money given when funding the account. Finding the best type for what the prospective players wants to try is important for anyone who wants to enjoy their free time while maximizing their gambling.

When a no deposit needed bonus is used in the cashier, the code will give the player real money, but not all are created the same. Of course, they are available in different values, but there are many other similarities and differences of no deposit bonuses and you can compare them all here. The following are the things they do have in common:

  1. They need a certain amount of money to be played on the slots to withdraw
  2. They cannot be used for other casino games, i.e. blackjack or poker
  3. No person may redeem a code twice, unless it is giving to them by the online casino directly
  4. They all have a maximum cash out rule: no matter how much money you win over that max amount, you may only withdraw up that value.
  5. They require the player to sign up using their real address to provide security and a safe environment.
  6. Some online casinos will penalize the player for using a no deposit bonus. Most often making a first deposit with no bonus shows them that the player is serious about gambling there.

Why people play with them is beyond my comprehension. Who could bear winning a million dollar jackpot, only to find they can withdraw $50 from the free chip. This is why it is always recommended that serious gamblers should make their deposit using a welcome bonus instead. A casino bonus* gives much more play time, translating into better odds overall. This is demonstrated in the ways that they are different from our experiment. Here are the things that all welcome casino bonuses have in common:

  1. The best casino bonus has no max cash out
  2. Exclusive welcome bonuses are not always better, compare the rules and find out what is best for you
  3. They all have either free spins, a percentage increase, and/or both on players first deposit
  4. Every online casino has one
  5. and are both trusted sources to find them with reviews from real players around the world and in the US. This is from the mouths of thousands of our subscribers and reputable sources are hard to find to research casinos that are primarily online.

Conclusion: The people in our experiment fared extremely well using the first deposit casino bonus. Slots players report that it is about the time spent at the online casino that really makes them worthwhile. If the players decided to stay at the casino for a long period, the benefit from the bonuses was vastly increased. This is because the wagering requirements for the bonus would have been met though natural means of the slots spins or table game gambling. In most instances we found that the majority of players exceed the minimum play-through of a prospective bonus just by spending a normal amount of time at the online casinos. If they had used one it would have been more money in the bank.

The final determination is that using a casino bonus code to play slots for real money is the best choice. Just throwing money at the casino without exploring all the option is not advisable, when most of these players want to have a long time to enjoy the games. It has been proven time and again that depositing without a bonus is a waste of time when you are looking for free chips. The exception to this rule is when a person simply wants to play for a short while making it too difficult to meet the rules to cash it out. Online casinos for USA players can be enjoyed with or without a casino bonus, and now you know which one is the best choice for your first deposit.

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