New I-Slot Gaming Suite: Midway Madness


Rival Gaming Reveals New Online Slot Offering

After much anticipation of its fans from different places all over the world, Rival Gaming has finally revealed the latest addition to its i-slot gaming suite: Midway Madness, another addicting and fun-filled gambling exploit that will surely match the taste and capture the desire of many. Midway Madness is definitely a game that will lead one to its maddening and most tempting online gambling experience. For one it is based on the famous amusement park theme that invites everyone to indulge into the youthful and most carefree side of life. What will really give one the chills if not the spine-tingling sensation of excitement is the introductory clip its developers have incorporated to the game. This clip is said to be the primary introductory attraction that will keep leave one asking for more.

The symbols used in the game are bigger, bolder, and brighter as expected from another gaming feat made by Rival Gaming. The interesting part about the game is it readily gives one the idea on how fun and entertaining it is for one to stay and play the game for long periods. The elements readily seen on the game are amusement park symbols and antics such as the different park rides including: Tilt-A-Whirl, Log Flume, Ferris wheel, and Rocket Ship, among others. At the primary webpage of the site is an image of a boy who is handing over the 15,000 Coins sign while his visage seems to show as though he were to get sick from eating too much or having much food from his plate. At the lower part of the page are the different card symbols, which is primarily not a thing of Rival Gaming. Found on the 1, 3, and 5 reels of the site is a haunting image of a bubbly clown. Another remarkable feat is the appearance of certain animations every time a player gets the winning combinations. Also, the tickets for the games come with free spins of up to 25 free spins in relation to the triggering symbols and particular payouts the player has incurred or earned.

The fun in Midway Madness doesn’t stop there. Because the game is another feature of the much coveted i-slot collection of the site, players get to enjoy very thrilling and exciting bonus game rounds which will never disappoint. For example, if a player gets to collect or come across three Bumper Car symbols, he will automatically gain access to these bonus rounds. The player must select the bumper he wishes to use for the round and he must at least collect 8 coins in the said timed round. In addition, the player can bump the other cars in this game. Once, the player has completed this round, he is entitled of accessing other bonus features of the site. After all the bonus rounds have been accomplished by the player, the game returns back to its original gaming structure.

Midway Madness, in its simplest sense, is a 5 reel with 20 paylines slot machine. All of its players can bet up to 10 coins for every payline. The coin may vary in many ways than one such as the credits available for each one. Other coins account for 0.01 credits while the rest account for 0.25. This i-slot special game is available live at Rival Gaming. But may we not forget the other well-established games of the site all the same.