New Evil Knievel-inspired slot game launched

As part of the recent agreement among CORE Gaming Limited, HTML 5, and K&K Merchandising, a series of new slot games are to be developed and launched within this year. Therefore, it is not surprising that a new slot game is about to take the online gambling world by a storm. The said game was inspired by the all-time favorite stuntman Evil Knievel, and its first installment is to be launched under Sky Vegas. Inside sources spill that the game was already up and about with a number of famous company players already hooked up in the new slot offering a few months earlier.

Core Gaming’s managing director Justin Chamberlain shares his insights and thoughts on the new game during a recent press statement, “My team worked long and hard to develop a game that fully reflects the glamour and excitement surrounding the Evil Knievel brand and character, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it’s received by users.” Additionally, Mr Chamberlain adds up that he is more than excited to formally launch it to the world since it already has been gaining a lot of attention and patronage from its first-line of users. Then, he went on by saying, “We have delivered several games to the Sky Vegas portal over recent months and have also been contracted to convert other existing titles to mobile over the next year, but to deliver web and mobile versions of our own proprietary content to such a prestigious operator simultaneously is a major achievement for us.”

In its updated press release, however, Sky Vegas formally stated that it has launched the 5 reel 50 line slot game and it has been receiving warm patronage ever since. As a matter of fact, it gains a large number of players in the passing of each day. Analysts share that this is perhaps due to the massive 250,000-pound jackpot prize at stake for the game. Alongside the main prize nevertheless are the generous free spins, the unbelievable scatters and wilds as well as the great variety of bonuses within the game and as part of the mini-games as well.

Mr Chamberlain now adds that he is more than excited to see the game flourishing and reaching the zenith and pedestal of its potential. He opines that the game may new to the industry but it packs at least twice or thrice the goodness of its previous offerings. He projects that in no time, the game will become one of the most popular if not the most popular game of Sky Vegas thus far. If this were to be true, CORE Gaming Limited will also remain on its seat of being the leading and most innovative developers of the present time gaming and gambling technology. And this is perhaps the main reason why the company was full force in making this another remarkable endeavor into a reality for all the partnership companies.

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